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Foot Insole Buying Guide

Foot pain can be difficult to deal with and can keep you from walking short distances, working, or running. Knowing what type of new or used Superfeet insole you need depends on a few factors. This guide will help you narrow down your options from those available to you on eBay.

What are the different types of insoles?

Unisex Superfeet insoles come in a variety of colors to help determine which type is needed. Some will have added benefits of a customized arch height, wide fit, or support for odor control. A quick search of eBay can help you find the pair for your needs. Check the list below for some common types.

  • Superfeet Blue - A smaller and thinner insole for high heel shoes with a limited amount of sole to cover.
  • Superfeet Green - A full-size insole for footwear with removable insoles, such as sneakers or athletic shoes.
  • Superfeet Orange - Allow for activities that require high-impact use.
  • Superfeet Copper - Gives an extra layer of comfort with memory foam to contour to the natural shape of your foot.
Do certain activities require different insoles?

The types and level of activities you will be doing are just as important as the type of shoe that the insole will be worn in.

  • Work activities that require dress shoes require a thinner, more durable insole.
  • Walkers need insoles with medium overall cushioning and some heel support.
  • Runners need an insole with good midfoot cushioning and heel support.
  • Hikers and those who wear work boots do better with heavy duty cushioning insoles
Consider foot pain location in your decision-making

The location of foot pain can help you tell what type of insole will work best. You may think all feet are shaped the same. However, there are variances in the structure of the foot from one person to another that will impact the type of insole that you need. Someone with midfoot pain and a high arch may do well with an insole with more arch support. The same goes for those with the same area of pain with a low arch, but these people may opt for a lower amount of arch support. Heel pain may indicate that you need more heel cushioning or more heel support. A search on eBay can help you find a variety of insoles to fit your needs.

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