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Stainless Steel Dog Tag IDs

One of the most important things you can do for your new puppy or any new pet is to get them a Pet ID tag. Since canines and cats cant talk to humans, they have to have a way to tell any strangers they meet who they are. The purpose of a dog tag is to allow anyone that finds a lost dog to be able to quickly identify the animal and their owner and find a way to contact the owner to reunite families.

What are notable features of a stainless steel dog tag?

There are many metals available when purchasing dog tags for your familys canine. Aluminum, brass, and a few other special metals might seem like great choices, but this material is affordable and works just fine. When you purchase ID tags for your canine, you can also have it personalized. Engraving is the best way to make sure your information is accurate. You can also personalize the shape of the tag. For instance, you can pick a bone or paw-shaped tag. A personalized dog tag is also:

  • Durable
  • Resistant to fading
  • Takes engravings well
Can stainless steel dog tags be used on other pets?

Although most ID tags for pets are called \"dog tags,\" the IDs can be placed on just about any animal. If your cat, pony, or pot-bellied pig wears a collar, you have a great place to hang an ID tag.

What engraving should be on a dog ID tag?

Pet owners arent limited in what they can have personalized on an animals ID tag. If youre unsure of what information should be included, think about how someone would contact you if your pet got lost. Basic guidelines for a pets ID tag are listed below.

  • Owners name
  • Pets name
  • Owners phone number
  • Rabies vaccination number
  • State license number
What size stainless steel ID tag should you get?

The size of your stainless steel ID tag should have a direct relationship to the size of your pet. Manufacturers of stainless steel dog tags offer the IDs in many sizes, shapes, and even colors. If you have a small canine of less than 10 pounds, you will want a small dog tag.

If you have a large dog, such as a St. Bernard, youll want an ID tag relative to their size as well. If you choose an ID tag that is too small or too large for your pet, the likelihood of it getting lost or falling off is greatly increased.