Spray Black Hair Color Products

If you want to try out a new color of hair, hairspray is a great way to darken your natural hair color. Spray-on black hair will temporarily make your hair look dark, and it can be washed out at the end of the day. This versatile type of hair coloring can be used for Halloween costumes, cosplays, or experimental looks.

Is this a black or dark brown color?

This color is a deep jet black. Even on blonde hair, it will not end up looking brown. The shade of black found in temporary hair color may even be darker than the color of natural black hair. To ensure that the end result looks black instead of brown, make sure to evenly coat your head. You may need two coats to see the true color.

How do you use this temporary black hair color?

Follow these steps to style your hair in a darker shade.

  • Fix your hair: Clean, dry, and style your strands before applying the hair spray.
  • Decide where to apply the color: If you are planning on using more than one shade of dye, keep in mind that lighter colors may not look good when applied over the black.
  • Apply to your hair: Hold the button down to apply the dye. Slowly use steady, even strokes to avoid streakiness.
  • Touch up any uneven spots: If necessary, do a second coat over any spots that still look brown.
  • Have fun with the result: Results will last for hours, so you do not need to worry about the color fading.
  • Remove at the end of the day: Unlike permanent hair dye, this will easily wash out with shampoo at night.
Can you use this with natural hair?

This temporary hair color works on all types of hair. If you have naturally curly or kinky hair, you can still use it to switch up your hair color. Keep in mind that you will need to gently stretch your hair while spraying to ensure that it evenly coats each part of your curls. If you wear your hair in braids, you will need to apply the black color to the braid before braiding it.

What colors complement black hairspray?

Almost every color works well with black hair. You can use this dye with your normal hair color, dyed hair, or other colors of spray.

  • Natural colors : Try a trendy ombre look by just darkening the roots or tips of your natural blonde or brown hair.
  • White: White contrasts strongly with black-hair dye for a very impressive look. You can do a mixture of streaks, or you can dye your left and right half of your head different colors.
  • Pastel colors: The dark-black color gives cute pastels an edgy look.
  • Dark colors: For a more subtle style, mix black spray with dark-brown, blue, green, burgundy, or purple colors.