Everything You Need to Know About Choosing a Spot Meter for Photography

Whether you are a professional photographer or you simply want your photographs to have the right level of illumination, a spot meter allows you to calculate the ambient lighting. These devices help you set up your photo shoot and choose the type of flash to use for your pictures. On eBay, you can select from a variety of brands, features, and types of new and used spot meters for photography.

What are the available types of spot photography light meters?

There are analog and digital spot photography light meters. The digital type offers an instantaneous readout. They typically have a small memory so that you can see the previous reading or get it back if you forgot the number. The digital unit takes a snapshot of the light level at a moment in time. The analog spot meters allow you to observe if there are fluctuations in the amount of light.

What are some of the features of these spot meters?

Some of the available features of the many affordable spot meter products on eBay include

  • Incident light mode: This measures the incident or ambient light in the environment and in the absence of the cameras flash.
  • Flash mode: This mode allows you to meter the amount of light when the flash of the camera goes off.
  • Radio trigger mode: This allows you to measure the light from a distance of up to 10 meters away.
  • Backlit display: The LCD may have an LED behind it for illumination.
  • Calibration: Some of the units may already be calibrated for use.
What type of photography equipment is compatible with spot meters?

Both digital and film cameras are compatible with spot meters. These useful devices are also compatible with video cameras as well as cameras that take both videos and still images. Spot meters are compatible with indoor and outdoor photography equipment and are designed to work with any make or model of camera.

How do you choose a spot photography light meter?

When shopping for a new or used spot meter on eBay, consider its

  • Brand: Select from GE, Gossen, Minolta, PENTAX, Sekonic, or Weston.
  • Set: Choose just the spot meter or a set with a case and cap for the lens.
  • Mode of operation: Choose digital or analog.
  • Condition: There are new, used, and manufacturers refurbished spot meters available.