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How to Choose Protective Accessories for Your Smartphone

Protecting your Apple iPhone 7 Plus is important in order to preserve its life. There are a number of ways that your phone can suffer damage and stop working, but using a protective iPhone case from Speck is a great way to go about helping to stop any possible issues.

What Kind of Cases Can I Find?

This brand makes great cases to protect your phone. As well as clear and plain color cases, you can find a range of funky patterns and colors to add spark and personality to your iPhone. As each model of phone has differences in terms of size and button and camera placement, you should make sure that you choose one that is specific for your phone. Some of the phone case models that you can find are:

  • Presido Grip: The Presido Grip cases come in a selection of duo-tone color combinations. They are for impact and have a no-slip grip due to the raised rubber ridges, making them perfect for you if you are prone to dropping your phone. This case provides bezel screen protection, port protection, and keeps your side buttons responsive. The finish is scratch-resistant plus there is an impact shock barrier in case you happen to drop your phone. The Presido Grip has been lab tested for durability.
  • CandyShell: The CandyShell case comes in a bright orange and purple combination. It's a dual-layer, military-grade case that absorbs shock and is still thin enough for you to slide in and out of your pocket easily.
  • GemShell: The GemShell case is clear and pink, providing slim protection for your iPhone. It has a dual-layer perimeter for protection against bumps and drops, plus you can still clearly see the iPhone 7 Plus style through the clear back.

What Other Products Can I Find from this Brand?

As well as making iPhone 7 cases, Speck makes a number of other products and iPhone accessories.

  • Cases for other phones: You can find cases similar to iPhone 7 Plus cases for models from other phone manufacturers.
  • Screen protectors: A screen protector is good way to protect your screen from scratches and damage. It is a thin, clear, adhesive layer which fits onto your screen so that you can still use the touchscreen like normal.
  • Screen cleaner: Using a non-toxic screen cleaner can make your screen shine and help to resist fingerprint marks. You can use a screen cleaner on your phone, laptop, tablet, or TV.
  • Dash mount: You can fit a dash mount onto the dash of your car. This holds your phone magnetically and is useful when you want to use your phone's GPS system while driving.

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