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Sony Video Editing Monitors

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing Sony Video Editing Monitors

When you need to edit videos, it helps to have the right type of monitor in order to view the footage that you have captured. Monitors have different resolution and refresh rates, which makes a difference in your ability to do the types of edits you desire. On eBay, you can find a variety of new and used Sony PVM video editing monitors at a range of price points.

What are the input types for Sony video editing monitors?

The available input types for the Sony PVM video editing monitors are:

  • SDI, 3G-SDI, and HD SDI - This serial digital interface allows for the rapid transfer of data over a coaxial cable measuring up to 600 feet in length.
  • HDMI - Choose from mini, micro, or standard HDMI input.
  • Composite RCA - This is used for media recorded on older video cameras.
  • VGA - This allows for input from a computer.
What are the features for Sony PVM video editing monitors?

The features of affordable Sony PVM video editing monitors include:

  • 4K resolution - This allows you to see the fine details in the image.
  • Touchscreen - Swipe or tap the screen to select items for editing instead of using a computer mouse.
  • SD card slot - This allows you to transfer media from a digital camera or video camera to the monitor.
  • Image control - The monitors allow you to perform image control through custom LUTs, false color, focus assist, waveform, or vectors.
What are the display types for Sony video editing monitors?

The available display types are:

  • CRT - This uses cathode ray tubes in a large housing.
  • LED - Light-emitting diodes illuminate crystals on a panel.
  • OLED - Organic light-emitting diodes such as carbon illuminate the crystals on a panel.
  • Plasma - Gases are trapped between two panels of glass.
  • LCD - A fluorescent bulb illuminates a liquid crystal display on the panel.
How do you choose Sony PVM video monitors on eBay?

When you are looking for your next video monitors on eBay, consider their:

  • Mounting compatibility - There are rack-mountable and tripod-mountable options.
  • Screen size - The options range from 5 to more than 30 inches when measured on the diagonal.
  • Power source - Choose battery-powered mobile units or monitors that plug into an outlet.
  • Display type - Choose single, dual, triple, or quad screens.
  • Condition - On eBay, you can find new, used, and manufacturers refurbished video editing monitors.
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