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Sony Digital Cameras

Sony's digital camera line ranges from simple point-and-shoot options to mirrorless camera options with interchangeable lenses, all designed with precision, style, and convenience. The brand has also developed unique image processors and sensors in addition to improving basic features, such as enhanced zoom, viewing, and autofocus capabilities. Understanding the features of these digital cameras will help determine which one suits your needs, whether it's a simple photo shoot or a complex video.

What does digital SLR mean?

Digital SLR, or DSLR, stands for digital single-lens reflex and simply means using a digital imaging sensor in place of photographic film. Digital SLRs have a mirror that flips out of the way to reveal this sensor when the photographer presses the shutter button. Most are full-frame cameras, meaning they match the size of the standard 35-millimeter cameras. Megapixels define the measurement of digital image detail and quality, so a higher number translates to a better picture definition. The memory card accessory is a necessity for these cameras unless storage space is built-in.

What is BIONZ?

BIONZ is the name of an image processor used in a wide range of Sony's point-and-shoot cameras and Alpha DSLRs. Raw image data from a CCD or CMOS sensor is converted and formatted onto a memory card. It also includes a function called Face Detection that analyzes a scene to identify and track up to eight faces simultaneously. Then, in less than half a second, the camera automatically adjusts for optimum flash, exposure, white balance, and focus. This image processor powers other features, including in-camera retouching and full HD 1080 output.

What is the Cyber-shot camera?

The Cyber-shot digital SLR camera line includes large image sensors to deliver higher quality, lower noise, and increased field depth and detail. The features go further than its 50x zoom capability.

  • XGA OLED Tru-Finder: This is a high-resolution electronic viewfinder delivering 100% coverage for accurate and confident composition. The image auto-switches to the LCD screen when your eye moves away from the viewfinder.
  • Wi-Fi and one-touch functions: Compatible smartphones easily connect using one-touch functions for remote controls, photo sharing, and more.
  • 4K Video Recording: High-precision recording with minimized image distortion provides realistic movies.
  • Slow motion: Capture moments with increased detail, clarity, and resolution with 40x slow-motion movie recording capabilities.

What is the Alpha camera?

The Alpha camera line includes the E-mount with mirrorless interchangeable lens options. These are typically thinner than standard digital SLRs because they are mirrorless, making them a compact option for video shoots. The 4K recording, Wi-Fi, one-touch functions, and OLED Tru-Finder technologies found in the Cyber-shot are incorporated, as are the following features:

  • Exmor: Sony created this full-frame stacked CMOS sensor, an image sensor used in some models for professional high-performance capabilities in a smaller and lighter camera. Among other functions, Exmor's integral memory has enabled the ability to silently capture 20 fps without vibration.
  • APS-C: This stands for Advanced Photo System type-C and means these much smaller processors deliver smaller-frame pictures.

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The Sony camera lineup blends precision, style, and convenience to cater to a diverse range of photography needs. From user-friendly point-and-shoot options to advanced mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lenses, Sony consistently pushes the boundaries of imaging technology. Explore Sony products on eBay, where you can find a camera price that fits your budget.

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