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Using an Adapter to Access a Camera Memory Card

Memory card technologies for cameras have changed considerably since they were first introduced. The good news is that even if you have a memory type that's outmoded, you can use an adapter to access it from current hardware. Many different kinds of connectors are available to pair your camera with your other equipment.

What does it mean to access a memory card?

Access in this context refers to writing to and reading from data storage. You might have an old memory card that has pictures and documents on it and want to see them, so you would need access to the storage. That storage can be local to the camera but could also be a card that can often be removed.

Removal is convenient for swapping in other cards with more free space but also to access them from computers and other devices. These other electronics may have built-in connectivity or use a connector. In any case, some of the I/O operations supported include:

  • Deleting files
  • Editing images
  • Archiving images
  • Retrieving images
  • File structure organization
Do you need to match camera, card, and connector brands?

You need to do this only if the storage type is proprietary. Most such equipment is standardized, which means that you can mix and match it regardless of the particular brand. What is important is that you ensure that the storage formats are compatible. If you have a digicam that supports Secure Digital or SD cards, then you'll need a connector that accepts 2.1-millimeter SD cards in addition to or rather than the 1.4 millimeters needed by MMC.

Which types of memory card adapters are available?

Any computer peripheral or electronics equivalent that supports I/O operations is compatible with each other as long as the appropriate interfaces are available. The interfaces that are available in order to accommodate memory cards include:

  • FireWire
  • Floppy disk
  • Apple Lightning
  • MicroSD to SD card
  • Universal Serial Bus or USB
Is a memory card hub and adapter the same thing?

Yes and no. Another way to look at is that it can be the same thing, but a hub can also provide a lot of additional features to work with your various SD cards. A hub, for instance, can allow you to maintain and access various cards while you're not actually using them inside your camera. This can simplify image management and avoid a lot of swapping back and forth between memory cards and PC.

What's the difference between memory card and memory stick adapters?

Memory card generally refers to a standard, such as SD or SDHC, that is used industry-wide. A memory stick often refers to a proprietary storage device. Sony, for instance, used to use such devices, and users often required a floppy disk adapter in order to communicate between it and a desktop PC.

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