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Transform Your Phone With Smartphone VR Headsets

With smartphone VR headsets, you can turn a simple phone into a virtual reality machine. These fun headsets let you slide your phone into a case, attach it to your head, and start playing games in a new reality. Here are some things to know before getting your smartphone VR headset.

How do you find a headset compatible with your smartphone?

Before picking a headset, you need to make sure it is compatible with your phone's software and hardware. Always read the headset's description carefully to ensure it works with your phone model. Your phone needs to match the headset's maximum phone screen size and minimum OS version requirements. Here are some of the phones you can use with a few common VR headset brands.

  • Samsung Gear: This headset works with Samsung phones ranging from the Galaxy Note 5 to later versions.
  • Google Daydream: This works with a wide range of Google Pixels, Samsung Galaxies, Motorola Moto Zs, and LG V30s.
  • Pansonite: Pansonite makes their headset compatible with a wide range of iPhones, Samsung, and Google phones.
Which adjustment settings do you need?

You may notice that there are a variety of adjustment settings offered by different headset models. The most important setting will be the IPD adjustment. This adjusts the headset to match the distance between your eyes, and it keeps your VR from looking blurry or doubling. Not everyone will need a headset with lens-to-face distance adjustment, but it is useful if you have eyeglasses you want to wear under the headset.

What optional features are useful in headsets?

The most basic smartphone VR headsets are just a holder that fits your phone. However, there are a lot of versions with additional features that can add to your VR experience. Here are some things you may want to consider:

  • Touch controllers: A motion-tracking touch controller lets you interact with objects within VR.
  • Motion sensing: Headsets that notice when you move up, down, or side to side help improve the realism of VR.
  • Built-in audio: This comes in handy because you don't have to wear separate headphones.
  • Charging ports: VR uses a lot of battery, so you may want to charge your phone while using the headset.
  • Built-in microphone: If you are planning on talking to others in VR, you may want a headset with a mic.
  • Breathable materials: Smartphone VR can generate a lot of heat, so look for mesh and other breathable materials that keep you cool.
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