A Buyers Guide to Selecting a Slik Camera Monopod

When you need to capture images, whether out on the street, in nature, or at an indoor event, a monopod is a simple mounting device that helps to get a steady still shot. These devices are designed to hold film and digital cameras, digital video recorders, and binoculars. Slik camera monopods are available with a range of features and in different styles and types.

What are the head types on a Slik camera monopod?

The available head options include:

  • Ball head: The ball rotates 360 degrees for panning, vertical, and horizontal adjustments of the image in the viewfinder.
  • Gimbal head: The gimbal head is a pivoted support that allows the camera to be rotated about a single axis on the mount.
  • Pan or tilt head: The platform shifts 180 degrees in a vertical orientation, rather than having the camera move about the axis.
  • Headless: These products are also available without a head.
What are some of the features on a Slik monopod?
  • Quick release: Quick release refers to the rapid removal of the camera from the head or pin at the top of the stand.
  • Foldable: These products fold for storage purposes and for storing in a case.
  • Flip lock: The photo or video recording device locks into place on the platform with the use of a flip lock.
  • Rubber foot: The rubber foot on the bottom of the stands leg reduces impacts and prevents scratching and denting of the leg or the surface. In addition, the rubber on the foot helps ensure the monopod stays in place.
Which types of products are compatible with these Slik monopods?

These products have a universal attachment that is designed to work with most brands of still camera and video recording devices. The types of compatible cameras include:

  • DSLR and other digital formatting cameras
  • 35 mm film or still cameras
  • Digital video recorders
  • Night vision and standard binoculars
How do you choose a size of monopod?

These single-legged stands for taking photos are available in extended lengths that range from 24 to 60 inches. When folded, these products measure about 12 to 20 inches in length and about 2 inches in diameter. Some of the devices offer collapsing extension bars that fold in on themselves. Others have separate sections that come apart by unscrewing the threaded areas.

What are the differences between a monopod and a tripod?

Monopods have one leg, while tripods have three. A tripod is typically used when a long exposure, multiple shots, or a large lens are needed for capturing the image. With a tripod, the photography equipment has to be removed from the device when transporting it between locations. Tripods weigh two to three times more than a single-legged photography mount. The monopod allows for the image-taking device to remain attached, reducing the amount of required setup time.

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