Scuba & Snorkeling Weight Belts

Why Are Weight Belts Important for Diving? 

If you are a regular diver, have just started diving, or plan on getting into it in the future, then you need to know the importance of weight belts. When scuba diving or snorkeling, heavy lead weights are generally for giving you neutral buoyancy (in the case of snorkelers) or negative buoyancy (for scuba divers). However, without experience, it can be hard to know how much diving weight to use, how to use it, or exactly what you need. 

What Do You Need for an Effective Weight Belt? 

If you are looking for a new weight belt, there are a few essential things that you absolutely have to make sure that you have. These include: 

  • Weights - Of course, if you want to make yourself sink when you dive, you will need some sort of mass - usually in the form of heavy lead weights. Dont use too many weights, or you might find it hard to stay on the surface and swim around. However, using too few weights can also be a problem - you might find it difficult to dive and swim to the bottom. 
  • The weight belt itself - Once you have bought weights, you will need a weight belt to attach them to. Some people choose to go for a simple nylon belt that dive weights can simply slip onto. Others use belts with pouches or weight pockets which you can slip the weights into. 
  • A quick-release buckle - A quick release buckle is one of your most important pieces of gear when it comes to scuba diving weights. A buckle that you can open quickly and easily can be the difference between life and death when you need to gain quick positive buoyancy while scuba diving. If something goes wrong during a dive, you will need to be able to drop your belt and ascend quickly. 

What Should You Think About?

When it comes to choosing dive weights and other gear for scuba, you need to think carefully to make sure that you get exactly what you want. Think about the following: 

  • Do you need a weight belt? There are actually a few other options out there worth considering, especially if you scuba. These include a weighted BCD or ankle weights. While most divers who scuba use a belt, BCD diving weights are becoming increasingly popular. 
  • How many weights do you need? This is an extremely important consideration that you have to think about before you start diving. If you choose a weight belt with weight pockets for lead weights, you need to make sure that you can fit enough weights in it. 
  • Do you need to attach any accessories to your belt? If so, then make sure that you have enough space between your weights for this, otherwise you might run into trouble once you get in the water.