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Schwinn Exercise Bikes

Schwinn spin bikes are manufactured by Nautilus, a company that has been in existence for over a century. These indoor cycles come in different designs, some of which might suit your needs and preferences better than others.

What are the benefits of a Schwinn exercise bike?

Schwinn bikes provide an alternative or complement to jogging or other cardio workouts. Benefits of these indoor cycles include:

  • Strength and cardio training -- Indoor cycles work the muscles in the lower part of your body. Together with a healthy diet, you can manage your body weight using these bicycles.
  • Low impact -- Schwinn exercise bikes provide a low-impact way of controlling your body weight. Since they are stationary, the spin bikes are gentle on the knees.

Whats the difference between upright bikes and recumbent bikes?

Schwinn bikes can be upright or recumbent. Upright spin bikes are common in commercial gyms. They are designed to be pedaled at straight or forward-inclined positions. On the other hand, recumbent exercise bikes are designed with an inclined back. Here are some factors to consider when choosing between these two bicycles:

  • Space: Upright exercise bikes take up less space than recumbent bikes. In many cases, they can also be folded for storage.
  • Versatility: Inclined spin bikes are more restrictive compared to upright exercise bikes. You have to stay in a single position throughout the workout when youre using an inclined model.
  • Handlebar preferences: Inclined fitness bikes don’t have handlebars. With upright bikes, you will have to keep your hands on the handlebar since the bike construction requires you to lean forward.
  • Comfort preferences: Recumbent exercise bikes are designed with a comfortable seat and a backrest. You can work out in an inclined position.

What features should you look for in an indoor cycle?

Here are some features you should consider when choosing your exercise bike.

  • Seat adjustability: If you are not of average height, you will need to find a spinning bike with seats that can be adjusted accordingly
  • Resistance levels: Many spin bikes have multiple resistance levels. Numbers signify these levels, and they determine the intensity of your workout.
  • Fan options: Some bikes come with fans to cool you off as you work out.
  • Sound-system options: This is not a standard feature, but a sound system can motivate you to complete your workouts.
  • Heart rate monitor: Some models can monitor and display your heart rate.

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