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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Cases, Covers & Keyboard Folios

Stylist Cases for Your Tablet

For anyone making the investment in a tablet or personal handheld device such as the Galaxy Tab 2, you want to ensure that it is safe from internal or exterior damage such as scratches, cracks, or dents. A tablet case or cover will help protect your tablet in a stylish and functional manner.

What Types of Covers and Cases Are Available for My Samsung Galaxy Tab?

  • Folio Case. Folio cases seem to be one of the more popular styles of covers for these Galaxy Tabs. They typically fold like a traditional folder. The tablet itself rests in a case surrounding the entire device with a cover that folds over the screen. Some of these folio cases have a stand that folds out from the back to prop up the device. Other have built-in keyboards to turn the device into a portable, mini laptop. Many of these cases are leather or a faux leather for the professionals who utilize this tablet for work and need that sleek aesthetic.
  • Pouch. Pouches are a great option for these tablets as they act like a sleeve that they can slide in and out of. Some of the more slim-fit pouches are open at the top like a true sleeve, other have a Velcro or snap closure with a strap to ensure that the device does not fall out. These pouches come in a variety of materials and colors. From leather, nylon, canvas, and silicone, you can find a pouch to work for both children and adults.
  • Tablet Case. Another type of cover for the Galaxy Tab is a case that fits snuggly on the back protecting the exterior of the device excluding the screen. These cases are easy to pop on and off, and interchange as you please. They come in a variety of materials such as plastic, silicone and leather. From more professional styles to fun, colorful kid-oriented covers, these cases work for anyone who has one of these tablets.

What Other Types of Accessories Go with the Samsung Galaxy Tab?

  • Screen Protectors. Aside from traditional tablet cases and covers that encase the tablet, the screens often are forgot in that they need a protective cover as well. Many times, the screens are the first to be scratched or over time, from constant you, scratches will form. They help prevent cracks if dropped and if your tablet does crack, the sheet protectors actually help hold the screen together avoiding any additional cracks from forming.
  • Styluses. There are styluses that can go with your Galaxy Tab 2. If you dont want to constantly have fingerprints on your tablet screen, a stylus is a clean and simple way to have a smudge and fingerprint free screen.
  • Headphones. For these ultra-thin tablets, you may want to utilize their amazing audio and video capabilities by watching a movie or listening to your favorite tunes. These come with a headphone jack to be able to do so. Most headphones can be paired with this device and are easy to plug into.

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