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STIHL Industrial Concrete Cut-Off Saws

Everything You Need to Know When Purchasing STIHL Industrial Concrete Cut-Off Saws

If youre looking for a STIHL concrete saw for sale, look no further than eBay. Whether youre looking for a concrete cutting saw or a concrete chain saw, your needs will be met. If you already have your concrete saw, then you can find STIHL concrete saw parts on eBay.

How should you choose your new or used STIHL concrete saw?

If youre buying a concrete saw or a cut-off saw for the first time, its important to know which features to look for. Here are some basic guidelines for choosing your cut-off saw:

  • The speed of the saw: Different concrete saws have motors with various maximum speeds.
  • The depth of the cut: Blades come in different sizes, such as 12-inch and 14-inch, and cut at different depths. If you want to use the step-cutting technique, rely on a shorter blade for the repeated cuts.
  • Dry vs. wet: Saws used for dry cutting are coated with either carbide or diamond, whereas wet saws are attached to a water source.
  • Water source: The water source can be in the form of an overhead tank, or the saw can have its own.
What are the distinctive features of STIHL concrete saws?

STIHL concrete saws offer a unique experience in concrete cutting. Models like the STIHL TS420 cut-off machine offer a taste of classic features in STIHL saws. Some of those features include:

  • ElastoStart: Yanking the starter cord to jumpstart the chain saw or cut-off machine requires a lot of physical exertion. ElastoStart has a shock absorber to decrease the amount of human effort needed.
  • IntelliCarb carburetor: This carburetor system balances the fuel flow to match the airflow in the machine and compensate when air filters become clogged over time.
  • Anti-vibration system: Strong vibrations from the concrete saw can strain the users back muscles. The STIHL 420 concrete saw has an anti-vibration system to make using the saw less painful and more relaxing.
  • X2 Air filtration system: The STIHL concrete saw TS420 has a maintenance-free filtration system that extends the life of the filter for almost a year, which can save you money.
Which STIHL concrete saws are available on eBay?

Many concrete saws and cutters can be found on eBay for purchase. Some of the saw types you can find include chop saws. You can also find accessories and replacement parts or entire kits that come with the saw as well as accessories such as the water source. Some of these parts include carburetors, new diamond blades for dry cutting, engine oil, and complete concrete saws.

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