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Features to Consider When Choosing Your Rocky Mountain Radar Detector

Radar detectors are invaluable tools that help drivers steer clear of law enforcement when they're driving on highways or roads. Companies like Rocky Mountain create these electronic devices that detect law enforcement activity ahead on eBay of time so that drivers can make adjustments to how fast they're driving. If you're looking for Rocky Mountain detectors, check out some facts below.

What type of alerts do Rocky Mountain detectors have?

Some Rocky Mountain detectors come voice alerts, and some come with visual alerts. Still, others come with both voice and visual alerts. Rocky Mountain's radar detectors with voice alerts speak to you loudly and clearly, letting you know if there is police activity in the area without you having to take your eyes off of the road. If you prefer to be alerted soundlessly by notifications like blinking lights, then there are visual alerts that will allow children to keep sleeping and other passengers' music listening experiences to go uninterrupted.

Do Rocky Mountain detectors have Instant-On protection?

Yes. Some Rocky Mountain radar detectors, like the Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-D540 Detector with SmartScan, come equipped with Instant-On protection. Instant-On radar is radar that has already detected your speed by the time your radar detector picks it up. It's used by law enforcement to catch people who are using radar detectors. Instant-On uses K-band reception, a process that detects radar that has been used on cars that are in front of you. Once your detector picks up that signal, you will receive an alert.

How can Rocky Mountain radar detectors help city drivers?

Rocky Mountain radar detectors come with both city and highway modes. If you do most of your driving in the city, switch your detector to city mode. This mode cuts down on the range of sensitivity required for highway mode, which in turn prevents false positive readings being triggered by devices like electric car openers and car alarms.

How are Rocky Mountain detectors mounted?

There are several way to mount Rocky Mountain detectors, some of which include the following:

  • Windshield - Corded detectors like the Rocky Mountain Radar The Judge Detector 2.0 are ones that are mounted onto your windshield through the use of suction cups and are generally considered the most powerful and reliable detectors around. Cordless detectors like the Rocky Mountain Radar Moto-Raptor Cordless Motorcycle Laser Detector have no cords and are completely portable, allowing them to be transported easily from one car to another. They are usually mounted on windshields as well.
  • Remote-mount - Remote-mount detectors like the Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-8RD are ones that are permanently and seamlessly installed in your vehicle in a way that makes them undetectable.
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