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Range & Shooting Hearing Protection Equipment

Whether you are out in the field hunting or spending a day sport shooting at the range with your friends, good ear protection is critical. Many hearing issues can occur when the ears are repeatedly exposed to high-decibel sounds such as gunfire over prolonged periods of time. It is important to select the proper hearing protector based on your shooting and hearing needs at the range and on the state of your hearing.

What types of earplug hearing protection are available?

  • Standard: Earplugs come in many varieties, including single-use, multi-use, corded, and banded. Single-use plugs must be rolled before you insert them into your ears. They are easy to find and can be disposed of after use. Multi-use plugs are simply placed in the ears without rolling. Some pairs of earplugs are connected with a band or cord, which offers convenience if you must take them in and out of your ears frequently.
  • Molded: Molded earplugs provide great ear protection and a high level of comfort. Molded kits make it simple to make sets of customized plugs. These plugs are available in a number of different colors, and can be washed for repeated use.

What types of earmuff hearing protection are available?

  • Passive: Passive protection earmuffs use foam and other materials to help block some of the noise generated from gunshots. These earmuffs are often connected by a metal or plastic band that sits on top of the head to keep the muffs firmly positioned. This reusable protection can be great for hunting or sports shooting.
  • Electronic: An electronic set of earmuffs or earplugs uses batteries to amplify quieter sounds for better communication while reducing the incoming noise when a gun is fired. This type of hearing protector may have volume controls that allow you to set the amount of sound you wish to be exposed to during shooting or hunting. Some sets also have speakers, so you can listen to music through the earmuffs.

What is tactical hearing protection?

In tactical situations, such as military combat, there can be a high volume of shots fired, so ear protection is critical. However, hearing the orders of commanders and communicating with fellow officers is also critical. Tactical hearing protection uses electronic ear technology that allows you to hear vocal commands while reducing high-decibel noises when they occur. Electronic ear technology can also incorporate microphones and speakers to make communication easier. It is built to withstand a large amount of wear and tear. This type of protection is also great for any civilian situation when communication with others is important, including sporting events, hunting with friends, or professional settings such as construction.