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Workout on a Precor Treadmill

When you want to get fit, doing cardiovascular exercise is key. Pumping up your heart rate and building your endurance have been connected with several health benefits. There are many Precor treadmills, both new and used, available on eBay.

Precor treadmill features

Precor treadmills come with several features, some of which include:

  • Pre-set programs: With this feature, the treadmill has certain programs that you can choose from, and the machine will automatically change its settings based on what you select. For example, a "Hill Climb" program may have a high incline, and "Interval Training" could alternate periods of high intensity with recovery periods.
  • Custom programs: On certain models, you may be able to create your own workouts. If you have specific goals in mind, this would be convenient.
  • User profiles: Advanced models can record your information so that you can keep track of your progress. Multiple users may be able to use a treadmill and have their data kept separately.
  • Heart rate monitoring: Some fitness programs recommend keeping your heart rate in a certain target range. To help you monitor this, many treadmills come with heart rate sensors. These can be found on handlebars or built into wireless chest straps. Some treadmills simply display your heart rate whereas others may make adjustments to your speed or incline so that you can stay at the optimal level.
  • Mobile charging: Since many people like to keep their devices nearby, having a charging station on the treadmill can be convenient.
Precor treadmills with touchscreens

There are machines that come with touchscreens. With this type, the heads-up viewing angle helps with posture, the screens allow more data to be displayed, and users can more easily change settings. Also, many touchscreens are equipped to show video information that can make workouts more entertaining.

What other features should you consider?

When looking on eBay for a Precor treadmill, you'll want to remember a few things:

  • Size: Think about where you're planning to keep your treadmill, and make sure you have enough clearance to get on and off the machine. Most models can be folded up when not in use, and some basic models can be quite slim in this position.
  • Weight capacity: The capacity usually goes up to 300 pounds, but you may be able to find models with higher capacities. If you're petite, you might be able to get a smaller unit, which could be more affordable at the same time. See the manufacturer’s site fro details.
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