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Poulan Chainsaw Carburetors to Power Through Cutting Work

A chainsaw engine runs on the same basic principle as other engine models that use carburetors. Carburetors are devices that mix air and fuel for internal combustion engines. Though they are not as common in automotive applications anymore, small engines like on lawn mowers and chainsaws still use them today.

What Parts Do I Need to Repair a Poulan Chainsaw Carburetor?

  • Rebuild Kit: These kits allow you to completely replace the diaphragms, springs, and other small moving parts in the carburetor. Oftentimes, manufacturers include more parts than necessary for your Poulan carburetor because they fit many models of carburetors as well.
  • Gasket and Diaphragm Kit: This kit simply includes the two diaphragms and gaskets necessary for creating a complete sealed assembly. Order these if you have carburetor leaking issues.

How Do I Clean a Clogged Chainsaw Carburetor?

  • Disassemble Air Filter Box: Unscrew the large screws that secure the air filter box. Remove the air filter and clamp down the two fuel lines running from the carb so that gas will not go everywhere. Place a small tub or pan underneath the tool to catch any fluid that may leak out of the lines.
  • Remove filter screen: Remove the screws on the diaphragm side and remove the diaphragms. Disassemble the metering level, being wary of the small spring from inside the cylinder. Remove the screw that fastens the reed valve cover and take out the valves.
  • Clean the carburetor: Cleaning the carburetor can be done in two ways. One is to use a carburetor cleaner spray with a nozzle. Start by spraying the large passages with the cleaner and then do the smaller passages. The other more effective way is to use an ultrasonic cleaner. This thoroughly removes all the gummed up or varnished gas from the chainsaw carburetor.

What Are Common Causes of Carburetor Failure?

  • Broken filter: The fuel filter is essential for proper chainsaw operation because it traps any dirt and debris in the fuel. It prevents gunk and contaminants from entering the carburetor. Repairing this problem is as simple as replacing the filtering part inside the gas tank.
  • Filter Has Fallen Off: This problem arises in aged saws. The fuel line that attaches to the filter is likely to have cracked or become brittle with age. As the line loosens, the filter will fall off from the seal.
  • Varnishing: This happens when a saw has been left unused through the winter. Gasoline has some amount of ethanol in it, which attracts water that causes gumming within the carburetor. The clogged carburetor will cause the chain not to start or run by lack of gas in the motor.

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