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Polar Paper Cutters & Trimmers

Enhance Your Shop Space With a Polar Paper Cutter

A paper cutting machine from Polar may allow you to handle a high volume of cutting tasks with ease. If you own a paper supply business or print shop, you may need to cut rolls or stacks of paper to specific lengths. eBay sells several models that may allow you to cut paper to the size you need or trim the edges of a stack.

What Polar models are available?

eBay stocks several paper cutters and trimmers from the Polar brand. Each of these items should cut or trim large, thick stacks of paper on an industrial scale. Some products may feature additional accessories or functions. Some of the most common machines you should find on eBay include:

  • Polar 66 - You can program this machine to perform a variety of cutting or trimming tasks. In some cases, you may find a listing that includes a toolbox, spare blade, or more accessories.
  • Polar 92 - This machine is programmable. It features an array of buttons and dials on its front control panel. There is also a monitor that allows you to view the data you send to the unit.
  • Polar LW 1000-4 - Also known as a stack lift machine, this item can load, arrange, and stack paper automatically.
What are the benefits of purchasing a used paper cutter?

You may find several used Polar paper cutters on eBay. In many cases, a used machine may have slight wear on the body but still can function like a new product. Most used machines undergo a check to ensure that they are in proper working order. Some possible benefits of a used machine are:

  • Cost - eBay may sell used paper cutters at a reduced cost. You may be able to save thousands of dollars and acquire a serviceable cutter at the same time.
  • Extras - You may get spare knife blades or extra accessories with your machine as an incentive to buy it.
Why do you maintain a cutters blade?

Maintaining your equipment can help it to function as intended and reduce the amount of stress on its parts. The knife blade in this machine works with powerful hydraulics to cut through a lift of paper. Keeping an eye on your blade can have some of the following benefits:

  • Longevity - A fresh blade can reduce wear on the hydraulic system.
  • Quality - The cut or trim is often cleaner with a fresh, sharpened knife.
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