PlayStation Network Prepaid Gaming Cards

A Quick Guide to Prepaid PSN Cards

The PlayStation Network, or PSN for short, is the official online service of Sonys gaming division. The service encompasses the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Music, PlayStation Video, and the PlayStation Plus subscription service. By purchasing them either for yourself or for a friend on eBay, these prepaid PSN cards give you access to exclusive features and content on the PlayStation Network.

How do you choose the right prepaid card?

There are multiple types of prepaid PSN cards, depending on what you are trying to purchase or access. They can generally be classified in the following way:

  • PlayStation Plus Subscription: The PlayStation Plus service gives you access to premium features, including Cloud saves, online multiplayer, free monthly games, exclusive discounts, and something called share play, in which players can join a session even if they dont own a copy of the game. A PlayStation Plus subscription can last for one month, three months, or a year, depending on the length of the prepaid card. You will need to resubscribe with a credit card or prepaid card at the end of the period to continue using the service.
  • PlayStation Store Card: You can use this prepaid card to purchase downloadable games, add-on content, music, movies, and more directly from the PlayStation Store. The content can be downloaded directly to any storage device connected to the system.
  • Game-Specific Content: Unlock unique add-on content for specific games such as "Destiny 2" or "Call of Duty WWII." These may include new maps or new clothing options.
Do these prepaid cards work across multiple Sony platforms?

That depends on the card. A subscription to the PlayStation Plus service will allow you to access the paid features on any supported Sony system, including the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita. The prepaid PlayStation Store card will work with any game or content on the store, regardless of console. If a game is available across multiple Sony platforms, then you only need to purchase it once, and you can transfer it to other systems at no extra cost.

What will happen if a PlayStation Plus subscription expires?

If your PlayStation Plus subscription temporarily expires, then all paid content, including the free games, will be locked behind a paywall. However, you will be able to access all the content once again when you resubscribe to the service. There is no expiration date on your content.

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