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Overview of What Types of Elinchrom Photo Studio Lighting Equipment is Available

Using the right photo studio lighting equipment is important for creating the photographs you envision. Elinchrom is one of the brands that specializes in lighting equipment for professional photographers. You can find many of their products on eBay.

Does Elinchrom manufacture monolight strobe lighting kits?

Yes, Elinchrom has several models of monolight strobe lighting kits that you can sometimes find on eBay. When you use monolights, you don't need an extra generator. This type of lighting kit is commonly used in professional model and product photography. Some Elinchrom monolights you may be interested in for your studio are:

  • Classic EL500 Professional Studio Flash - This 500 W/S monolight operates at a 1/2600 sync flash speed.
  • Style 600 RX - This model has an integral reflector.
  • Style BX 500 Ri Compact Monolight - The compact monolight features eye-cell flash sync and 1/1558 sec flash duration.
How do you choose the right lighting kit?

The right lighting kit is largely determined by what type of photography you plan on doing. From there, you must have a basic understanding of the specs to look for. In a monolight kit, products that are 150 W/S or higher are usually suitable for professional use. If you plan on frequently moving the photo studio lighting equipment between locations, then you should search for a kit that comes with a case.

Speedlight kits are usually used in sports photography, wedding photography, still life, and product photography. As you can tell, speedlights are versatile as they can be used for both action shots and still shots. Some beginner photographers find continuous lighting kits good to start with because they allow you to view how light will appear before shooting. Still life and product photographers sometimes favor continuous lighting kits for their work as well.

What types of light shapers are available?

The brand has a lot of light shapers available, including but not limited to:

  • Softbox - Different sizes give different results, so you may have to experiment with varying sizes to learn firsthand what sizes give the results you want.
  • Umbrella - Umbrellas have similar effects of softboxes but allow a greater amount of light to shine in the surrounding area.
  • Beauty dish - Photographers use beauty dishes when they want the subject to have more defined features.
What other types of studio lighting equipment does Elinchrom manufacture?

You can find a wide variety of photo studio lighting equipment under the brand, and both new and used Elinchrom lighting equipment is available on eBay. Examples of what you can find are:

  • Battery packs
  • Halogen lights
  • Transmitters
  • Remote controls
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