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How to Choose CD Players

Though technology continues to advance, and many people listen to music digitally via their smartphones or MP3 players, sometimes putting a physical disc into a player is still satisfying. For those who already have extensive collections of discs, a player is a necessity to continue enjoying favorite CDs. 

Which Types of CD Players Can I Choose?

Philips makes several types of players for CDs, and you can select the one that's right for you based on its features, what you'll be using the system for, and what your budget is.

  • A portable CD player is one you can take along with you. It's small, lightweight, and is typically roughly the size of a disc itself. These connect to headphones, so you can listen to music privately on the go. Some models include a built-in digital FM radio and are jog-proof, meaning they won't skip while you run.
  • A boombox is also portable, but it's larger. Boombox audio systems typically have a handle to allow you to carry them from room to room and built-in speakers for enhanced sound and volume. 
  • A more expansive CD player system may look more like a traditional stereo system. These bigger players, which sometimes look like a traditional hi-fi, may come equipped with even more features and can be a part of your overall audio system. You could even hook up peripherals like a subwoofer or external speakers to create a more amplified sound.

What Features Do CD Players Offer?

Choosing the right CD player may come down to not only size and the type of player, but to the features as well. 

  • A larger model can include a five-disc changer, which lets you put five CDs in at once and shuffle them, so you can enjoy different types of music without having to keep getting up and switching the CD. 
  • A remote control lets you play, pause, or switch to the next song from across the room.
  • You can also select a model that lets you play music from a compatible MP3 player for even more audio options. 

What Are Some Models to Consider?

Philips makes a variety of audio options, and there are several models to check into when you're searching for a CD player. These players have distinct features, so choose the one that fits your needs.

  • The AZ100C model not only has an AUX input for your MP3 player, but it has an FM tuner and can play disc formats that include regular CD and CD-R. They also come in bright colors like pink.
  • For a more portable audio player, the AX2420 has a modern design and a digital screen. The skip-free feature lets you listen when you're active, and a Bass Boost button lets you amplify low frequencies.
  • The MCM1006 is a larger model that not only offers CD playability but plays MP3 music too. In addition, it has a headphone jack and an FM stereo tuner.