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Burn Your Own CDs with Philips CD-R Players and Recorders

CD-R discs are helpful for many applications, but to use them, you need to have a device that can write data onto the surface. A combination CD-R player and CD recorder allows you to both read and write using one device. Philips offers a variety of CD players and CD recorders that can both read and write to CD-R discs, so you can have the convenience of burning your CD and playing it right away using the same device.

What is a CD-R?

CD-R stands for Compact Disc, Recordable. These are blank discs that can only be written to once. They differ from the CDs that were available before the development of CD-R, which was read-only and could never have data written onto them. They either had audio data encoded on them, or they were multimedia discs that could be played in a CD-ROM drive. With the CD players offered by Philips, you can create your collection of personalized music filled with your favorite songs, organized the way you want them.

What can a CD-R be used for?

CD-Rs can be used for some functions, the most common of which is recording audio files for later recreational use. They can also be used to back up important data. What is important to remember with CD-R discs is that they can only be written to once, so they cannot be overwritten with new data. Some programs only write data to a small portion of the CD, which makes it possible to write to the other sections later until it is full. This is done by creating partitions, which means that the computer treats a single CD as it would several different CDs, getting around the limitation that CD-R of not being able to change files once they have been written.

A quality CD player such as the Philips CDR765 has some excellent features that make it a great choice. Some of the features that the CDR765 has includes Macrovision Copy Protection and High-Speed Dubbing, which helps to speed up writing and prevent errors from cropping up during writing.

Can data on a CD-R be deleted?

While the data cannot be deleted in the normal fashion, there are two ways to render personal data unreadable to protect it so that no one can retrieve it later:

  • Overwrite the data: While the data cannot be overwritten in the sense of creating new data on the disc that masks the old data, there are some programs that will bombard the surface with a strong laser overloads the data to render it unreadable.
  • Destroy it: Perhaps the simplest and most effective way to prevent theft of data is to destroy it. If the disc is sufficiently damaged, then the data on it will be destroyed, and if you take the extra step of breaking it into several pieces, it will be nearly impossible for anybody to ever get any usable data from it.
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