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Philip Stein Wristwatches

Philip Stein designs watches and bracelets with the goal of providing technology to help improve the lives of their wearers. These watches are also crafted to provide various styles for different looks, whether it is a more athletic vibe or a modern style. The variety of technologies and styles in the Philip Stein watch collection ensures that there is an option to fit anything you may be seeking in your next watch.

What types of watches are offered?

These watches come in a variety of colors, styles, and materials, providing you with many options. All of them incorporate Natural Frequency Technology. The following are some of the collections available:

  • Colors: The Colors collection provides a stylish flair with numerous color options on the straps. These watches have an ATM of three and are great for daily activities and an active lifestyle.
  • Classic: The Classic collection is an everyday watch with a spherical case, and they have a water resistance ATM rating of three.
  • Traveler: The sleek Traveler watches are made from a variety of metals, including stainless steel and rose-plated gold. This watch has an ATM rating of five.
  • Sky Finder: The Sky Finder men's watch is a more heavy-duty look than some of the other collections. These watches have an ATM rating of five.
  • Active: These are ideal for active individuals who work out and tend toward adventure. They have a water resistance of between 10 and 20 ATM.
  • Signature: The Signature collection features the original styles, with the figure-eight-shaped face. The Signature three- to five-ATM watches have interchangeable bands.
  • Modern: This watch is sleek and modern, incorporating an ovular case and a simple yet classy design. The Modern collection has an ATM of five.
  • Prestige: The Prestige collection features a set of exquisite watches that have a sophisticated look. These have a water resistance of five ATM.
What is an ATM rating?

ATM stands for atmospheres, and this rating is used to determine the water resistance of a watch. Lower ATM watches, such as three ATM, are good for daily use, and the watch will be safe if splashed or if it briefly comes in contact with water. Higher ATMs will allow for short submersions in water, and the highest ratings will allow you to snorkel, swim for long periods, or dive.

What is Natural Frequency Technology?

All Philip Stein watches have Natural Frequency Technology built into the watch to help your overall well-being when wearing the watch. The watches utilize the natural electromagnetic waves produced in the Earth's atmosphere. The body is biologically attuned to these frequencies, which results in a relaxed and less stressed mindset, increased focus, and a positive mood.

What is a chronograph watch?

These types of watches are those that incorporate a stopwatch. There may be various buttons on the casing of the chronograph watch to control the stopwatch, and the timer is read in a smaller dial or series of dials on the face of the watch.