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Perko Boat Electrical and Lighting Products

When your boat transports passengers on captivating voyages, you want dependable lighting for safety, security, and privacy. Navigation lights signal your crafts location in the darkest times of calm and storm, and they are the only lights your boat requires. Whether you want chrome-plated, LED, or plain white lights to mount on your vessel, Perko Marine can provide you with reliable products.

What illumination does the Perko Marine require from a trailer?

Because transporting your boat to the marina remains the first concern for an enjoyable experience on the water, your Perko Marine requires specific illumination from your trailer. RV non-polarity boat trailer interior bulbs provide the clear outline of traffic that your trailer and hauler needs for safety in darkness or stormy weather.

How do the lights help you with visibility?

Wide stretches of sea and lake mean that you will be far away from shore at times, so your vessel needs to remain visible with navigation lights for observers on land and those sharing the water with you. An all-around, chrome plated marine pole light ensures safety when you mount it at these locations:

  • At the stern to define one end of the craft and fly a flag.
  • Atop the cabin for the highest point of visibility, which is another spot for attaching a flag.
  • Amidships for lighting the deck for safer footing at night.
What are the features of the interior of your cabin?

Perko Marine realizes that a comfortable cabin means a happy and safe voyage for all. The brands chrome-plated cabin lighting fixtures, along with all its other inventory, meet the necessary certification standards. Chrome-plated fixtures add an extra dimension of reflecting surfaces.

What safety standards does Perko Marine equipment meet?

The American Boat and Yacht Council mandated that all boats built before November 1, 2003, must contain lights with the standard A-16, which permanently carry the mark "A-16" visibly displayed. The United States Coast Guard fixtures also come with this certification. All Perko small boat products designed for use on craft built before November 1, 2003, are certified under the National Marine Manufacturers Association.

Additionally, the United States Coast Guard is the only recognized means of certification of lights for vessels constructed after November 1, 2003. Independent, third-party USCG labs certify permanently marked illumination for visibility at 1, 2, and 3 nautical miles. However, the certification may vary with voltage. For instance, certification may state "USCG approved for 12-volt" or "A-16 certified for 24-volt."