How to Choose the Right Paul C. Buff Lighting

Paul C. Buff makes professional photography equipment. One way to ensure proper moods in your photos is to set the lighting just right. Browse eBay for Pal C. Buff lighting available for your photo shoots.

What kinds of Paul C. Buff lighting parts are available?

Einstein is one of the most common brands of Pal C. Buff lighting and accessories available on eBay. Digibee or White Lightening are other products from the brand. Here are some types of lighting equipment available on eBay meant for either indoor photo shoots or location photography:

  • Strobe lights: These are often combined with a flashtube to provide you the capability of taking thousands of studio or location shots.
  • Modeling lamp: This is a bulb used in a flash unit. It often ranges in brightness from 25-250 watts and could be made of halogen quartz, lithium, or LED materials.
  • Flashtube: This can be used in a variety of light settings and often has features such as daytime balance and a UV coating.
  • Studio flash lights: These may allow you to plug in an umbrella modifier usually seen in professional flash studios to create the photographic ambiance you need for each shot.
  • Reflector dish: You can attach this to some flash units to create a hard lighting effect or perhaps a broad, even light across your subject. They also could provide a direct focused spotlight.
What are some power capabilities and features of Buff lighting?

Different flashtubes, strobes, and studio flashlights have their own advantages. Some features provide some of the following effects:

  • Adjustable light settings: Some units provide three different levels of lighting from 1/3 to full power to control the light brightness. Others may provide at least two different brightness settings.
  • Diffuser sock: This provides the ability to create soft light while providing resistance to heat.
  • Fast flash recycle: It allows you to take multiple pictures one after another in a dim room where flash is necessary.
  • Warning alarms: You can prevent equipment misfires and overheating when taking several sets of photos.
  • Sync cords: Some Buff lighting systems can sync using a cord connected to the flash trigger.
Is any special care required for Paul C. Buff lighting?

One way to prolong the life span of certain Paul C. Buff flashtubes, strobe lights, or studio flashlights is to use gloves when handling them. This can prevent oil from your hands diminishing their performance. You also will want to store them in climates between 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 104 degrees Fahrenheit.