Electrify Your Playing With a Parker Guitar

The way electricity travels allow you to power instruments for tone and make a change in how its natural acoustics work. Parker guitars focus on a set of magnetic pickups that blend with its guitars’ composite bodies. These lightweight instruments available on eBay are dedicated to electronic music in all of its forms.

Will these acoustic guitars provide a full electric range?

Acoustic guitars with electric pickups lack the full dynamic of an electric guitar. Affordable Parker guitars are made specifically for powered technology like effects pedals and amplifiers. Their lightweight and joined pieces are designed to move volts and currents with ease. The tone and texture created fits vast genres in music.

Where the electric guitar style is made easy with Parker

Looking for an electric sound means there are some things you can’t do without. Parker guitars feature parts such as:

  • Universal inputs - Every amp you encounter can be plugged into with the standard connections of these guitars.
  • Tone knobs - Knobs are then placed right where your hand strums for complete control of tone and volume.
  • Bridge and nut - The bridge and nut work together to give used and new Parker Guitars the right tone before special effects are added.
  • Combination pickups - The brand uses both humbuckers and single-coil pickups for a use of tone you get to decide on.
  • Compiled woods - Wood is added into the mix, and these guitars get creative as to vary your playing.
Styles of guitars you may find available

With a better knowledge of the different models, you can make choosing a guitar easier. Some listed models that may be available on eBay include:

  • The Les Paul - This style of guitar is something inspired by Les Paul that accentuates the features of his playing in terms of the tone and ranges of his music.
  • The Fly - The focus of the sound with this guitar is in its high-range effects.
  • The NiteFly - The NiteFly stands out for bringing a unique electric sound out from the late 1990s. It uses piezo transducers that pressurize electrical currents.
  • The P-Edition - This model works with a fast, slim neck that makes complicated solos less tiring.
  • The PM Series - What you find with the PM series is a specific body that smooths out the often rugged edge of Parker guitars. These models have a traditional body-style but at a smaller scale.
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