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Choosing OtterBox Cases, Covers, and Keyboard Folios for Your iPad 2

OtterBox makes electronic accessories, including protective cases for iPad 2. If you have a newer iPad, it is easier to find a protective case than if you have an older one. On eBay, you can find cases ranging from newer models to an older iPad 2 OtterBox to keep your device safe.

What does an iPad 2 OtterBox protect against?

An OtterBox for iPad 2 is designed to be water resistant, shock resistant, and resistant to bumps and dings caused by drops. As of 2015, OtterBox allowed its subsidiary, LifeProof, to begin taking over production of OtterBox waterproof products. OtterBox now focuses on protection from drops and everyday bumps and dings, allowing LifeProof to focus on the waterproof factor.

Will an OtterBox iPad 2 case fit other iPad models?

It is important to buy an iPad 2 OtterBox case that is made specifically for your model. To find your model number, look on the back of your iPad and look for a series that starts with the letter A. It is important to get a case that is specifically made for your model. Otherwise, the connector holes and cutouts for the buttons and camera might not be in the correct place. Even if the case appears to be the same, slight differences in screen size and thickness make each generation different from those before it. Later models are thicker than earlier ones. An iPad 4 OtterBox case will not fit an iPad 2.

What are the differences between the Defender and Commuter series?

The OtterBox Defender series case for iPad 2/3/4 and the OtterBox Commuter series both have the same Certified Drop Protection. The main difference is that the OtterBox Defender series has the rubber on the outside, versus being hidden on the inside in the Commuter series. This allows the Defender series to provide better shock absorption because the rubber takes the impact before the rest of the shell.

The Defender series has a built-in screen protector where the Commuter series has a self-adhering one. The Defender series also includes a belt clip holster and has covers for the ports to protect them from dirt and debris.

What are the components of an OtterBox iPad 2 case?

When selecting a new or used OtterBox iPad 2 case on eBay, here is what you should look for:

  • Hi-impact polycarbonate case: This protects against bumps and shock.
  • Interior silicone layer: This provides cushioning and absorbs impact.
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