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Motorcycle Gloves

Your hands are an important part of your body. This is why you need to protect them when you ride your motorcycle. You should always wear motorcycle gloves when riding your bike.

What should you consider when buying motorcycle gloves?
  • Feel- Make sure that they feel comfortable. Ensure that the gloves you choose, whether they are fingerless or full finger, do not have too much or too little inner lining so that they dont interfere with your hand movement.
  • Fit- They should fit your hand without being restricting the movement of your fingers.
  • Construction- Look to see what type of stitching they have. The length of the wrist is also important.
  • Materials- The materials used to make the gloves have different properties.
  • Features- Check the additional features of the gloves.
What are the Different Types of Motorcycle Gloves?

There are a lot of options for bikers to choose from. The choice you make is primarily determined by the road and weather conditions which you will be facing.

  • Fingerless gloves- These are meant to protect the palm only. These offer a little hand and knuckle protection and are usually used as accessories.
  • Moto-cross- These help to protect the palm of your hand and your fingers and are designed with reinforcements on the knuckles
  • Gauntlets- These full-finger gloves have multiple reinforcements on the knuckles and the fingers. They have thicker leather in the palm to ensure that they offer maximum protection in case you are involved in a crash. They go halfway up the forearm.
  • Off-road motorcycle gloves- These are for bike riders who spend most of their time riding in mud and dirt. These gloves are usually made of textile. This is because these riders crash mostly on dirt and not on concrete. They are also breathable and lightweight. The weight of the gloves helps control the bike easily when operating on slippery dirt.
  • Street motorcycle gloves- These are thicker than most of the other types and are suitable for all weather conditions. They will keep you warm during the winter. Most of these are made of thick textile materials or faux leather.
  • Summer cruising motorcycle gloves- These keep your hands comfortable when riding in hot weather. The main feature of these gloves is the ventilation, and they are also lightweight.
  • Winter motorcycle gloves- These are designed to keep your hands warm during the winter. They have thicker leather with more insulation.
  • Race gloves- These are designed to protect your hands when racing. They are made of R&D and high-end materials.
  • Touring/adventure gloves- These will protect you from extreme climates in addition to bike injuries. They are made of high-tech materials.