OmniMount TV Mounts and Brackets

OmniMount TV attachment devices are created for use with many different size TVs. These attachment systems can securely attach televisions to walls or ceilings. They come in several different styles depending on the size of the television you have and the area in which you want to place it.

What size televisions can be mounted with OmniMount systems?

OmniMount systems are engineered to work with many different television sizes. There are lightweight options that can be used on TVs that are anywhere from 19 inches to 37 inches. OmniMount also has larger options in various styles that can work for larger televisions anywhere up to 75 inches. When choosing a device for mounting, it's also important to consider the weight of the device to be attached to the wall. Some OmniMount devices are able to hold TVs that weigh up to 480 pounds.

Do OmniMount systems come in different styles?

There are many options when it comes to television attachment systems for your wall. The style of mount you choose should be based on the size and weight or your television, the location in which you want to put it, and the ways in which you want to use it. Fixed-mounting systems are fairly easy to put up but don't allow for movement of the television. Other types of wall mounts can allow the television to tilt or swivel for viewing throughout the room. Ceiling mounting systems work well for those who want a high-mounted option for convenience. The brand also offers suspension-style attachments that hang your television in a way similar to the way you hang a picture frame.

How are OmniMount systems installed?

OmniMounts can be attached to your space in several different ways. The following is some information on the types of mounts and brackets and how they are installed.

  • No-stud mounts: These work for small televisions and do not require studs for safe installation.
  • Full-motion mounts: Most require a single stud or solid wall for mounting.
  • Ceiling mount: These attach to joists with included flange and hardware. They may have a tilt feature.
  • Suspension mount: These use a suspension system to mount flush with the wall for a low profile.
What type of equipment is needed for installation of OmniMount devices?

OmniMount devices are designed to be installed with basic household tools. Many of the devices come with adapters to ensure that different brands and styles of TVs will be able to attach securely in the desired space. Most OmniMount devices come with all hardware needed for attachment.

What materials are OmniMount mounts and brackets made from?

These devices are made of quality materials to keep your television safe and secure. They have been carefully engineered for balance and security. Each device is tested for strength, weight distribution, and ability to withstand a normal range of tilting that would occur during regular use.

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