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How to Select Chargers for Olympus Cameras

Batteries for digital cameras come in different shapes and sizes with different requirements for voltage and amperage. For safety reasons, it's important to match the right type of battery charger for the batteries that your digital camera uses. There are several things to keep in mind when selecting a compatible charger for the specific kind of battery used in your Olympus camera.

What is a Li-Ion Charger?

Your Olympus camera uses a Li-ion battery. A lithium-ion battery produces electricity from an electrochemical reaction involving lithium ions moving between the electrodes inside the battery. This type of battery is known for having a high energy density. It is convenient to use in that it can be safely recharged without having to first fully deplete the stored charge.

Li-Ion charging devices are designed specifically for use with Li-ion batteries. For safety reasons, always use a Li-ion battery charger with a Li-ion battery, and vice versa.

Can you use any battery charger for all Olympus camera models?

Depending on the model of digital camera, the battery can differ in shape, size, voltage, and current requirements. An electronic circuit designed to charge the battery of one model of camera may not be compatible with the battery for another model, even when the cameras are from the same manufacturer. Product listings will specify whether the item is compatible with the battery for your specific camera.

What are the power source options?

Power source options include:

  • Wall Plug: This plugs directly into the wall outlet without the need of a cord. This setup is ideal for those who can connect their camera to the wall for an extended period of time.
  • Cord Plug: This allows unit to be placed on table, desk, or counter instead of wall.
  • USB Connector: This allows batteries to be recharged from USB sources, such as a portable computer. This setup is useful for those using their camera on the go.
  • Car adapter: This plugs into automobile cigarette lighters, which is ideal for those frequently traveling from location to location.
How do you safely charge while traveling?

Depending on the country, electrical grids may operate at different voltages and frequencies. The grid in the United States uses 110 volts at 60 hertz, while many European countries use 220 volts at 50 hertz.

Your Olympus camera battery charger will have a label on it that tells you what voltage and frequency range it can receive input from. For example, a travel-capable charger label might read, "INPUT: AC 100V-240V 50/60 HZ." That tells you it can accept power at both 110 volts/60 Hz and 220 volts/50 Hz.

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