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NordicTrack Exercise Bikes

The Essential Guide to NordicTrack Exercise Bikes

The NordicTrack company makes an array of home and commercial gym equipment including exercise bikes, workout stations, rowers, treadmills, elliptical machines, and adjustable dumbbells. It manufactures two types of exercise bikes - upright and recumbent. Most machines come pre-programmed with some workout routines and use magnetic resistance to increase workout efficacy.

What is the difference between a recumbent and an upright exercise bicycle?

While both types of exercise bikes help you work out your glutes, the recumbent design lets you recline while doing so. This often results in increased stamina since you do not have to support your upper body. An upright exercise bike requires you to support your upper body and provides an increased workout. Some designs of each kind also have arm cranks so you can achieve a full-body workout all at once.

What features do these exercise bikes have?

Some of these exercise bikes come with control consoles and/or video screens integrated. They have an onboard computer that lets the bike interface with iFit, so the user can participate in interactive workouts and contact coaches and training materials through the bike. You can find foldable NordicTrack bikes. Most come with adjustable seats and some include a bottle holder. Typical built-in monitors include a heart rate monitor and calorie monitor. Some bikes come with an integrated fan to help keep you cool while you exercise.

What is iFit?

Integrated into most NordicTrack exercise bikes, you will find the software program, iFit. Before beginning your workouts, you create a fitness profile that iFit uses as the basis for the three workouts it suggests daily. The software transmits the iFit workout to the exercise bike to control items like the incline, resistance, and speed. This includes both low-intensity and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts, so you can continue to train using the stationary bike as you develop your fitness level. Available workouts include those for beginners to advanced participants.

How does magnetic resistance work in an exercise bike?

Bikes that use magnetic resistance harness the power of magnets to control electrical flow that controls the flywheel resistance. Magnetic resistance provides a more effective workout than other methods of creating resistance. Magnetism requires little or no electrical power, depending on the type, and it doesn't change force due to a waning battery. This makes it a good choice for creating resistance without using a lot of electricity.

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