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What You Need to Know About Nikon Camera Chargers

Nikon creates a wide range of cameras that can run on rechargeable batteries. To ensure that you'll be able to take those shots when the moment arises, it's important that the battery is always charged and ready to go. That's why you can find a variety of battery chargers that are designed to be compatible with specific camera models, so you won't miss capturing the memories you want.

What type of charger is required for a camera?

When it comes to choosing a battery charger, it will depend on the model of camera that you have and the type of rechargeable battery you use. It's important to find a charger that will be able to handle the specific voltage, power, and amps that are required. Your owner's manual will give you the information that you need so that you can choose the right charger for your specific device.

Should you remove the batteries to charge the camera?

There are typically two different ways that a charger can be used.

  • The first way: This is by removing the batteries or the battery pack, inserting into a charger and allowing it to fully charge.
  • The second way: The other way doesn't require you to remove the batteries before charging. A power adapter cord will plug directly into the camera to recharge the batteries. The adapter may have an AC plug on one end to plug the charger directly into the wall. Some power adapters may have a USB port on the end to plug into a computer or other device to allow for charging. With special accessories, a power adapter with a USB port can be plugged into a wall outlet for charging.
Are universal chargers an option?

While it's recommended to use products created by the original manufacturer, in some cases it is possible to use a universal adapter or battery charger. If you choose to go the route of a universal adapter, make sure that it is completely compatible with your camera model and the batteries you will be using.

How long does it take to recharge the batteries?

The time that it takes to recharge the batteries for Nikon and other brands will vary based on how much the battery has been discharged before recharging. Typically, it takes about two hours to fully recharge a battery or battery pack.

Should the battery be completely drained before charging?

Most batteries actually work better if they are recharged before they are fully discharged as recharging a completely dead battery can actually lower its lifespan. Overcharging can be just as bad. Make sure you choose a camera battery charger that will automatically stop once the battery is fully charged.