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Buying Guide for Nikon 72mm Camera Lens Caps

Lens caps are necessary accessories when it comes to protecting your Nikon camera. Several types of caps are available. Learning what you need for your 72mm lens will help you select a model that will offer the protection and convenience you desire.

What is the purpose of a lens cap?

A lens cap serves two main purposes. The first is to protect the lens from fingerprints and smudges while it is mounted to the camera. The second is to shield the lens when it's inside the camera bag, preventing the glass from breaking and keeping the various elements free of dust and dirt. Both front and rear lens caps serve similar purposes in their particular locations.

What are the different types of lens caps?

Every lens needs two lens caps. When you're shopping for these accessories for your Nikon, bear in mind how they function.

  • Front: The lens cap for the front covers the glass of the lens.
  • Rear: The rear cap goes on the end that mounts to the camera body.
How does a lens cap attach to the lens?

A lens cap can attach to a lens in a few different ways. Choose a cap that provides you with the level of security and convenience that works best for the locations where you're shooting photos. The types are:

  • Slip-on: The cover slips onto the lens without any kind of snap feature.
  • Screw-on: The cap threads into position on the filter or the lens itself.
  • Snap-on: The cover snaps into position and has a release mechanism on its side or front.
What size of cap is needed for a particular lens?

The size of the lens cap depends on whether you're buying one for the front or the rear of the lens. The front cap is measured by the size of the lens in millimeters, such as 72 mm. The size of the rear cap is based on the type of mount, such as the Nikon F-Mount. When buying a set of lenses, you will want to confirm that both will fit your camera lens.

What are the different materials for lens covers?

A cap can be made from several materials. You can find one that provides you with the durability and aesthetic that you desire for your Nikon camera. Common fabrications include:

  • Hard plastic or acrylic: These caps are long-lasting and scratch-resistant.
  • Metal: These models are heavy-duty and strong.
  • Rubber: These covers are lightweight and easy to use.