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Buying Guide for a 55-mm Nikon Camera Lens Cap

It's important for you to have a lens cap for your Nikon camera lenses to help keep it safe when not in use. When you have a 55-mm lens cap, it is able to fit on your Nikon or any other 55-mm lenses that you have. There are a few features to be aware of so you can have a quality accessory.

What role does a lens cap play?

A lens cap protects the front of the glass from scratches. It should be on lenses whenever they are being stored inside of a camera bag. They should also be in place whenever they are mounted to the camera body but not being used. Even if you have a filter in place to protect the physical lenses themselves, you still want to provide protection from scratches, smudges, and other issues.

Can a 55-mm cap fit on the rear of the lens?

A 55-mm cap is designed to fit on the front of the lens. The rear part of the lens uses a cover that is specifically fitted for the type of mount in place, such as an F-mount. This means that the rear lens cap can fit nearly all Nikon lenses while the front lens cap can only fit lenses of a specific size.

How does a lens cap attach?

A lens cap may attach to the front of a camera lens in a few different ways. You want to choose a particular method based on what's convenient for you.

  • Screw on: The cap screws onto the threading of the lens or filter.
  • Slide on: The cap slides over the front of the lens.
  • Click on: The cap snaps into position and is removed by pressing on the sides.
What comes in an accessories kit?

Many camera accessories kits come with a cover as well as a few other items to provide you with convenience and protection. You want to review what's included so you have what's needed.

  • Lens leash
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Cleaning solution
  • Front and rear cap
What is a lens leash?

A leash, sometimes called a cap keeper, helps to keep the lens cover attached to the lens of your camera. It dangles from the lens when you're taking photos so that it doesn't get lost. One end goes around the diameter of the lens using an elastic band, and the other end attaches to the lens cap with adhesive or a magnet.

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