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Nikon 52mm Circular Camera Lens Filters

Your Guide to Nikon 52mm Circular Camera Lens Filters

Nikon is a Japanese international corporation that was founded in 1917. This company produces photography equipment, and many different types of equipment are offered. You can find lens filters that will provide the effects youre looking for within this collection.

What is a lens filter?

These devices are used to alter the type of light that is collected by the camera. They are circular in shape, and they are designed to fit 52-millimeter lenses made by this company. A variety of these accessories are produced, and each alters the light collected by a camera in a different way. They are usually made of glass or plastic, and they are designed to fit snugly at the end of the photography equipment. These accessories can be used to help create a particular mood and feel when youre photographing the tender moments of a wedding or capturing the beauty of nature.

Are protective accessories offered?

Yes, some types of these accessories dont actually filter out any light, as with lens protectors. They exist solely to protect the glass of the lens. In most cases, this component is protected by a cap, but a cap cant be equipped while the camera is in use. These accessories fill this gap and are designed to be used in situations where your camera may be prone to damage.

What types of lens filters are offered?

Some of the types of accessories offered for this type of photography device include:

  • Protective: These accessories are clear in appearance.
  • Colored: These accessories are offered in a variety of different colors. Colors offered include red, orange, and green. These accessories overlay a dominant hue over the entire image.
  • Polarized: Various types of reflections and natural light create polarized light. This light washes out the colors in an image, and these types of accessories are designed to counter this effect. Using a polarized cover raises the contrast of an image, and these accessories usually appear to be slightly tinted.
  • UV: These accessories filter out ultraviolet light. This type of light can be harmful to photography equipment, and it also adversely affects the quality of an image. These accessories are clear in appearance.
How do you use a lens filter?

After youve procured a filter that will fulfill the purposes that you have in mind, follow these steps to use this accessory:

  1. Thoroughly clean the lens of your photography device with a lens cloth. Then, clean the lens cover. Make sure that no debris is present on either surface.
  2. Place the lens filter on the end of the lens. Press it firmly into place without touching the glass of the lens or the filter.
  3. Turn on your photography device, and look through the viewfinder. Ensure that the filter is providing the effects that you are looking for and that no debris is visible on the filter.
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