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Choosing the Right NETGEAR Cable Modem-Router Combo

Network modems and routers are essential for accessing the internet and receiving WiFi at your home or business. NETGEAR is one of the largest producers of these devices worldwide. The guide below will help you find the right cable modem for you.

What do modems and routers do?

Modems provide internet access in your home through your phone or cable lines. Routers then transform that signal and transfer it through a wired or WiFi connection to your devices. Modems and routers can be bought as two separate devices or hardware that includes both pieces. A modem-router combo has fewer cables.

What is these devices' compatibility with various ISPs?

A modem-and-router combo will need to be compatible with your internet service provider (ISP). NETGEAR certifies many of their products for use with major ISPs such as Charter Spectrum, Comcast Xfinity, Cox Communications, and more. See the manufacturer site for details. Purchasing a router yourself eliminates the need to pay modem rental fees to your ISP provider. Always check to make sure the modem-and-wireless-router combo you are purchasing is compatible with your ISP. If you do not yet have an ISP, you can choose one that accommodates the device you want to buy.

What inputs and outputs do they have?

Modem-router combos usually come with one or two USB ports, two to four Ethernet ports, RJ-14 ports for accommodating digital phone service, and a coaxial port. This allows for some versatility and flexibility when it comes to hooking up your internet service and various devices. In many cases, the layout will be set up by your ISP provider when they set up your internet. Most services allow you to provide your own cable modem and router combo.

What speeds do these devices accommodate?

The more bandwidth a modem can handle, the faster data can travel, which is similar to DOCSIS for cable TV. NETGEAR cable modem-router combos are built to accommodate a number of speeds, from up to 343 Megabits per second (Mbps) to up to 6 Gigabits per second (Gbps). Do remember that even when you have a high-speed modem, your speeds will be limited to those available from your provider.

What other features do they have?

NETGEAR cable modem routers come with a other features, such as:

  • Channel bonding - These devices facilitate channel bonding, which groups together data channels in order to get faster speeds. This is especially beneficial during peak times when heavy usage may slow internet speeds.
  • Parental controls - Most come with parental controls to help filter websites.
  • App management - You can manage your network and WiFi settings on your smartphone.
  • Guest networks - These devices allow the creation of a separate, secure WiFi network for your guests to use.
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