Learn More About the Minolta Spot Meters and Light Meters

When you want to capture the perfect image, it's important to set up your camera properly. By using a Minolta spot meter or light meter, you can determine what the right settings may be. You can find a variety of new and used meters available on eBay.

Do light meters have different capabilities?

What sets meters apart from each other is their sensitivity and accuracy. For example, some meters are capable of taking measurements in very low light. Some meters can also monitor flash exposure, helping a photographer create the right environment with an artificial flash.

Are there other considerations to think about?

Since these types of light meters you buy online may come with a carrying case, this would be practical if you're often on the go or working outside of a studio. Before finalizing a purchase, you can also check to see what types of batteries a specific meter takes. Some may take AA batteries whereas others may take 3-volt batteries.

What's the difference between light meter and spot meter?

Spot meters are one type of light meter. Instead of gathering information from the general area like a light meter does, they're used to measure light in a very isolated spot. They typically have a 1-degree circular angle of view. This would be helpful if your subject is far away or if there are a lot of different lighting factors involved. Some people prefer to use spot meters when taking portraits of people as well. You might be able to find units with angles of view up to 10 degrees. These may not be as precise when it comes to a specific part of your image, but they could prove to be informative if you're shooting more of a landscape shot.

What are some features of the Spotmeter F?

You can find different models of the Spotmeter F on eBay. Some of the advantages of using this particular type are:

  • Memory: It lets you store two readings at once. This comes in handy if you need a high and a low value or if you want to average the two.
  • Bright viewfinder: Since photographers are in many types of settings, it helps to have a screen that lets you see clearly even in low light.
  • On/off button: If you're not using it for a period of time, you want to be sure that your meter gets turned off to save batteries.
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