What to know about extension tubes for your camera

Minolta was a company that produced a series of cameras and accessories along with other electronic devices. When selecting an extension tube for your Minolta camera, there are different features and styles to consider depending on your needs. Here are some questions that may come up in the selection process.

What is an extension tube?

An extension tube is used to alter its minimum focal distance. The tube increases the space between the lens and the camera body. By altering the MFD, a normal lens can stay focused on close subjects. Thicker tubes allow for a higher amount of magnification.

How do you select an extension tube for your camera?
  • Select a camera fitting: The fitting will vary depending on the body. Some fittings will be universal, while others will be for a specific brand.
  • Choose a brand: There are several branded and unbranded options to choose from that are compatible with your camera.
  • Choose a tube style: You can select from modular and single length designs.
  • Select a lens fitting: You will want to choose a tube that can handle the lens and camera body that you're using.
What types of extension tubes are available?
  • Modular tubes: This style is able to add and subtract pieces to increase and decrease the depth of field without using separate tubes.
  • Metal tubes: This type has a simple design that can come in various sizes of enlargement. With this style, you are able to adjust the aperture and focus manually on the lens.
  • Electrical tubes: This style carries the signals from the body to the lens. This allows you to use the various cam functions such as autofocus and aperture adjustment. This type is a single unit available in different sizes.
What' the difference between an extension tube and macro lens?
  • Extension tube: This tool works similarly to a macro lens. It functions by increasing the distance between the lens and the sensor. This allows you to use other camera lenses in place of a macro lens. With this option, the lens used will still be curved.
  • Macro lens: This type of lens allows the camera to focus on a subject that is close up. 1:1 macro lenses are designed to produce the subject at life-size. 5:1 macro lenses, on the other hand, will reproduce an object at 5x its size. Macro lenses have a flat focus field that allows the entire subject to stay in focus without increasing the depth of field.
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