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What You Need to Know About Metabones Camera Adapters

If you're looking to get increased speed from your mirrorless camera, check out the many inexpensive Metabones camera adapters that are available on eBay, including their speed adapters. Used on APS-C, E-mount, and micro-four-thirds cameras, these devices reduce focal length, maximize F-numbers, enlarge the field of view, and increase image sharpness. In addition to speed boosters, Metabones produces a variety of other adapters that allow you to place DSLR lenses onto mirrorless cameras.

What cameras work with Metabones adapters?

The best way to know whether a new or used Metabones adapter is compatible with your gear is to check the manufacturer's website to confirm whether Metabones has confirmed compatibility. The following options guide can help you get started:

  • Metabones Nikon adapter: The Nikon F Lens to Micro 4/3 T Adapter II is an example of one piece of equipment that might work with your Nikon gear.
  • Canon Metabones adapter: For a Metabones adapter Canon to Sony, consider the Canon EF Lens to Sony E Mount T Smart Adapter. This is a Metabones V item.
  • Metabones Contax adapter: The Contax G Lens to Fuji X T Adapter works with models like Biogon 21/2.8, Planar 35/2, and Sonnar 90/2.8.
How do smart-adapter products differ from standard lens adapters?

Some products in the company's line use the smart adapter technology. One example of a Metabones E-mount product with this technology is the Canon EF Lens to Sony E Mount T CINE smart adapter. Smart Adapters produce the same results as standard lens adapters, but they also incorporate additional features, including:

  • EXIF data information: This allows you to view important information about your work, such as the aperture and focal length that you used for your photography.
  • Diaphragm integration: This lets you rely on your camera's electronic capabilities to select the necessary aperture for you in certain photographic settings. In other modes, you'll still be able to select it manually.
  • Upgradable firmware: In case camera requirements change in the future, the company has built update abilities into the device.
Can you use these lens adapters when filming videos?

Yes, these adapters are designed to work with both video and still photography. You may notice some stiffness as you mount or dismount the adapter from your camera equipment. This is an intentional design feature because it reduces any shakiness in the final video that could be caused by making adjustments in the middle of filming.

With some cameras, you can use autofocus in conjunction with an adapter while filming videos. The manufacturer recommends using an external microphone so that your built-in microphone doesn't pick up on the noises that are made as the camera adjusts its focus.

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