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Mens Earrings and Studs

Mens earrings and studs attach to the ear lobes through a pierced hole. Studs and earrings are typically made of hypoallergenic materials to avoid causing allergic reactions. Mens earrings and studs come in a wide variety of materials and styles.

What are the basic types of mens earrings?

  • Stud: Stud earrings feature a metal post with an ornament on the top. With stud earrings, the ornament is visible on the front of the ear lobe. The stud earrings are kept in place with a friction clasp or butterfly clasp on the back.
  • Drop: Drop earrings go through a piercing in the ear lobe and consist of a post from which a chain hangs. At the end of the earrings chain, there is an ornament.
  • Hoop: A hoop earring consists of a circular or semi-circular piece of gold, sterling silver, or other metal coming off the end of the post and wrapping around the ear lobe.
  • Huggie: Huggies snugly wrap around the ear lobe and are made from jewelry molds.

What materials are mens earrings made from?

  • Gold: Stud, hoop, dangle, or huggie earrings may be made from 10, 14, 18, or 24 karat yellow, black, or white gold.
  • Silver: Silver and sterling silver are less expensive than gold earrings. They can be plated with a gold-tone finish.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel is used for stud earrings and hoops. It often comes with adornments such as attached rhinestones or crystals.
  • Other metals: Rhodium and nickel may be used instead of silver, sterling silver, or gold for the posts or fasteners of stud earrings and jewelry.
  • Diamonds: Diamond studs and hoops are popular for mens and womens earrings.
  • Other natural gems: Other gems including topaz, aquamarine, emerald, ruby, opal, and pearl may be used in stud earrings and mens ear jewelry.
  • Cubic zirconia: Cubic zirconia, or CZ, is engineered to look like a diamond. It has the same shine and same cut types as diamond but at a much lower price than a diamond.

How does one choose mens earrings and studs?

  • Choose a style: Studs, huggies, drop, dangle, or hoop earrings are available for men.
  • Choose a material: Choose from black, yellow, or white gold, silver or sterling silver, other metals, diamonds, or other natural or engineered gems to adorn the studs.
  • Choose a size: Choose small to large studs, dangles, or rings for the ears.
  • Choose a shape: Square, round, triangular, barbell, and semi-circular are options for stud earrings and other fashion jewelry for the ears.
  • Choose a color: Stud earrings and other jewelry for mens earrings comes in a full range of colors, including black, white, and gold for the stud posts and a rainbow of colors for the gems or rhinestones.