Men's Athletic Socks

Mens Athletic Socks

Athletic socks cushion the foot during vigorous activities, helping protect it from excessive friction that could lead to injuries. In addition to socks that cushion, athletes may also look for socks that wick moisture away from the foot. The tube style of crew socks and others also help protect the lower leg from scrapes and cuts.

What are the styles of mens athletic socks?

There are many styles of athletic socks. Some physical activities require a particular style, such as crew socks for basketball, while others allow you to choose which socks you want to wear. These tips will help you choose socks based on the activity and the socks that are more comfortable for you.

  • No-show socks - No-show socks consist of a tube that covers the foot and stops below the ankle. They may have a logo such as the Nike swoosh. There is elastic or ribbing to stop the sock from sliding off the foot. The socks are usually white.
  • Low-cut socks - Low-cut socks are made by Nike, Reebok, Hanes, and other companies. They extend past the back of the heel and are available in white and other colors.
  • Crew socks - Crew socks have an extended ribbed leg and cuff. Crew socks may have stripes.

What materials are mens athletic socks made from?

  • Cotton - Athletic footwear is typically made of cotton threads. The bottom of the athletic-fit crew socks is often cushioned with an extra layer or double thickness of cotton threads. Cotton offers heat dissipation and protection against blisters.
  • Nylon and cotton blends - For compression, durability, and the ability to stay up during vigorous athletic activity, many socks for athletics are made of a nylon-and-cotton blend. The blended-thread cushions and wicks moisture away from the feet. These are often referred to as performance-sport socks.
  • Elastic - Athletic socks made of cotton-nylon do not need extra elastic, but those without nylon do have it in the cuffs in order to stay up during athletic activities such as basketball and football.

How can the right sock size be determined?

The size of a mens sport sock is easy to determine. To get the right size of sport socks, use a flexible measuring tape and measure the length of the foot from the end of the heel to the tip of the longest toe. If your feet have high arches, be sure to follow along with the curve of the arch rather than just measuring in a straight line. Sport socks are sized based on the length of the foot in inches. For example, mens size nine to 11 sport socks fit a foot that is nine to 11 inches long. The other component of sport sock size to consider is the calf height. No-show socks fit so that the shoe totally covers the sock. Low-cut socks fit such that only the ribbing of the sport sock is seen above the athletic shoes. Crew socks extend about 6 inches above the ankle. Mid-length athletics go about halfway up a mans calf.