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Maxell Blank Audio Tapes

Blank Digital Audio Tapes by Maxell

Introduced to the public in the late 1980s, DAT is a recording format used by pros and amateur recorders. Used in conjunction with DAT machines, you can record music and other media that can be played back similar to data stored on compact cassettes. For convenience, these Maxell DAT audio accessories are available in a variety of quantities and recording capacities.

What Are Digital Audio Tapes (DAT)?

Created by Sony in 1987, the digital 4mm magnetic tape can record faster than for example, a CD. DAT recorders have a rotating head that uses high-frequency signals to clone data. For that reason, DAT tapes cant be physically edited through cutting and splicing. Data compression supersedes the quality of compact cassettes and MiniDiscs. Moreover, tapes have a thin layer of ceramic armor metal particles contributing to consistent high output. Furthermore, DAT machines have four sampling modes to record data ranging from 32 to 48 kHz to control tape quality. Even though Sony stopped manufacturing DAT equipment in 2005, some tapers in studios still prefer the medium format over hard disk storage. Used DAT machines are still available along with companies that specialize in making repairs.

What Are Uses for DAT tapes?

  • Master Tapes: Professional recorders use the audio accessory for live tapings and backups of studio data. They prefer the medium that doesnt require analog-to-digital conversion to cut down on noise in the final product.
  • Home Tapes: As long as you have compatible DAT equipment, you can make copies of live music in a home studio. Amateurs can make tapes at home and start a business offering the service to the public.
  • Computer Storage: Digital data storage was developed using a computer-grade DAT tape to record archived copies. Depending on the settings the operator uses, you can store up to 80 GB of data. 

How Are Maxell DAT Tapes Packaged?

If you dabble in DAT formatting, you can purchase as few as one or two tapes. Preservationists who specialize in DAT technology may need larger quantities available in sealed packages including 10 or more individual tapes. These blank tapes come in 20 minutes, 60 minutes, and longer recording capacities. Some tapes are packaged in a protective clear plastic case to keep out dust. To help maintain your equipment, you can purchase a DAT audio head cleaner for periodic use.

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