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Mattel Polly Pocket Dolls

Mattel Polly Pocket Dolls

The Mattel Polly Pocket dolls are dolls that come in pocket-size cases. Dolls such as the Fairy Butterfly and Miss Seventeen dolls are available, along with their accessories. You can also find boy dolls with blonde hair or brown hair and Polly Pocket pets.

Do Polly Pockets fit in your pocket?

The original Polly Pocket figures were under one inch in height. Newer versions of this compact doll are slightly larger. However, the dolls are still quite small and can easily fit in your pocket. The Polly figure is approximately two to three inches tall. Polly also has playsets which are larger and come with more accessories for Polly and her friends.

How many Polly Pocket figures are there?

There are five main character dolls, although there are lots of toys. The figures available are the following:

  • Polly: A blond-haired, blue-eyed girl. She is described as a friendly, confident athlete and singer.
  • Lea: A red-haired, green-eyed girl. She is described as a tomboy who loves nature and animals.
  • Lila: A brown-haired, violet-eyed girl. She is described as a drama queen who loves fashion and dance.
  • Crissy: A black-haired, brown-eyed girl. She is described as an outspoken artist and DJ.
  • Kerstie: A brown-haired, blue-eyed girl. She is described as a pretty comedian, chef, and dancer.
Is Pollys clothing removable?

Yes, each of the toys come with rubberized clothing that can be removed. Polly Pocket clothing sets include tops, bottoms, skirts, dresses, hats, and shoes. Some of the toys also have bags, purses, and more included with the doll. Each doll and its set of included clothing and accessories is different.

Are there Polly Pocket animals?

There are many different Polly Pocket furry friends. These figures include cats, dogs, horses, bears, and birds. The toys typically come in paired sets with two different pets included. They also have brushes, leashes, blankets, and other accessories to make the toys more interactive.

Whats the difference between vintage and Mattel Polly Pocket toys?

The Mattel Polly Pocket toys are larger than the original compact version. The vintage dolls were very small and made of a hard plastic. They came in compact containers, also made of hard plastic, that was fashioned like houses, shops, or other businesses. The new toys are larger and more life-like. They have removable clothing that children can play with. They also have larger playsets for all the toys to play in.

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