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Mattel Corolle Dolls

Mattel Corolle Dolls

Corolle manufactures baby dolls that are made with vinyl hair and accompanying apparel. The Corolle baby dolls are are designed to receive a lot of loving attention.

What lines of Corolle dolls are there?

Corolle makes various lines of dolls. Some of the specific lines and dolls included in them are listed below.

  • Little Star, Elf, and Babi dolls: Corolle has a line of baby dolls: The Little Star, Elf, and Babi baby dolls are each made with a cloth body to grasp and hug. Corolle has designed some of them with nightlights and music.
  • Premier Bebe dolls: Corolles Premier Bebe Calin and Bebe Bath baby dolls have sleepy eyes and are made with vinyl bodies that can be posed. Some can speak, some play music, and some are bath dolls.
  • Classique Bebe dolls: Corolles Classique Bebe Calin and Bebe Bath dolls are either baby dolls or 14-inch dolls with hair. Some of the dolls are specially designed for bath time, some to drink and wet, and some to speak.
What features do the Corolle Calin and Bath dolls have?
  • Bathing: The Corolle Bebe Bath dolls are designed to be immersible in water and have a tab on the back of the dolls that can be used to hang the doll up to dry.
  • Speaking: Some of the Corolle dolls from the Premier and Classique Bebe Calin line can say simple words like "mama" and "papa" or say short phrases in four different languages.
  • Playing music: Some dolls play a variety of music.
  • Emitting light: Several of the Corolle dolls have a nightlight.
What accessories are available for Corolle dolls?

There are many accessories for the Corolle dolls. These include play food and dishes, diapers, clothes, doctor sets, strollers, beds, and more. Some of the particular accessories for selection are:

  • Cherry Baby Accessories Set. This set is designed for Corolle baby dolls from 14 to 17 inches. It comes with a variety of items like a plastic bib, a plate and feeding spoon, a feeding bottle, a pacifier, a Lotion bottle, a blanket, and a tooth brush with a tube of tooth paste. The items are featured in a polka dot bag for carrying.
  • Corolle Mon Premier Stroller. Offered for Corolle Calin and Bebe Bath dolls and others up to 12 inches, this set comes with a pink plastic stroller with a white cloth seat and a handle that is set 21 inches from the floor.
  • Cherry Baby Doll Carry Bed. The bed is intended for Corolle baby dolls up to 14 inches. The bed is decorated with a dotted fabric and features handles for transporting the bed.
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