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Why Pros Like the Mamiya M77 Rubber Lens Hood

For more than 70 years, Mamiya has produced photographic equipment for advanced amateurs and professional photographers. Mamiya makes retractable and nonretractable lens hoods. The company offers multiple 77mm model options for use with a number of cameras.

What is the function of a lens hood?

Use this device when you need to block stray light from reaching the camera lens. It is useful when shooting in a live concert setting or doing speedlight work. When shooting inside, use this device to block glare from lamps, studio lights, and window lights. These hoods are made of plastic or rubber and can either be clipped or screwed onto the front of the camera lens. They protect the lens without the need for the lens cap, and they reduce flare.

There are three design types for this range of products: the tulip, the barrel, and the long tube. The tulip 77mm model usually comes with a wide-angle zoom and works well for any wide-angle shot. You can use the 77mm barrel-shaped model for wide-angle photography as well. When you are shooting full-frame photographs, you'll see vignettes on the photo edges. You can use the 77mm long-tube model with longer focal-length lenses. Vignetting occurs with wide-angle shooting, but not with the barrels that are used for longer focal lengths. Vignetting refers to a smoky gray or black framing on the edges of the photo, which stems from the lens picking up the outermost edges of the attachment.

What 77mm options does Mamiya offer?

The company offers two models. The M77 number 1 rubber lens hood is for shorter focal lengths, and the Mamiya M77 number 2 is for longer focal lengths of 127 mm to 250 mm. Both of these are removable. Since they are collapsible and feature threads on the front, you can use another attachment on the camera, such as a polarizing filter, without removing the device. See the manufacturer site for details.

What are some features of these 77mm lens hoods?

This Mamiya product line includes the following features:

  • Some items screw on, while others clip on.
  • These accessories are often collapsible even when attached to your camera.
  • Molded light baffles, available on some of these items, prevent vignetting.
  • Many of these products are crafted of heavy rubber or plastic, meant to impart extra durability and ruggedness.
  • They may have a reinforced front and back with a threaded metal collar, which is also intended to aid with durability.
Which pros shoot with a Mamiya 77mm?

Scott Kelby, Joe McNally, and Todd Owyoung use this 77mm lens. Kelby featured this 77mm device in episode 32 of "D-Town."