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Keep Your Phone Safe and Sound as You Travel With a Magnetic Phone Holder

Ensure your phone never falls between your seats or slides across your dashboard again with one of these magnetic phone holders, which you can find on eBay. The small design makes them ideal for use in a car because they keep your phone in place without obstructing your view. Knowing intricate details about the options that are available ensures you can choose the right magnetic car mount for you from the options available on eBay.

How do the magnetic phone holders stay in place?
  • Vent clips: Mounted phone holders are available that have a small clip attached to the back of them that slips over a slat in your cars air vent.
  • Dash mounted: Dash-mounted holders have a suction cup or base that is mounted directly to your cars dash to keep it secure. The phone then slides into the mount or stays in place with a magnet that is attached to the back of the phone.
  • Cup holder: Cup holder phone holders simply fit into the cup holder in your car and keep the phone from sliding around. They are great for anyone with multiple cars because you can easily take them in and out of the car as needed.
  • Handlebar mounted: Handlebar-mounted magnetic phone holders are commonly used on scooters or motorcycles. They keep the phone stationary while you ride.
How do you change the phones angle while its mounted?

Some mounts have a long goose-neck design that allows you to reposition the phone any way you choose. Other mounts have a tilting function that allows the mounts to tilt up, down, or side to side to allow you to achieve the right angle. Some mounts, such as vent mounts, dont give you the ability to change the angle of the phone.

Will a magnetic phone holder damage your phone?

Magnetic phone holders are designed to not cause any damage to your phone. A special magnet is attached to the back of your phone that is designed to not cause any damage to the internal components of the electronic device. Many people choose to mount the magnet on their phone case rather than placing it directly onto their phone because it can be difficult to remove later on down the road if you want to sell the phone or trade it in. Its important to realize that magnetic phone holders are only designed to hold a specific weight, so using heavy phone cases may be heavy for the phone holders to secure properly.