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Get in Your Power Stance with Video Game Fight Sticks

It's no secret that the fighting game scene has some tight competition along with a rabid and dedicated following. Games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Guilty Gear, and other series have hooked gamers with their tight, precise controls, intuitive gameplay mechanics, and over-the-top fight sequences. While these games may be played with a regular controller, gamers who want a natural arcade feel may want a specialized tool when facing opponents at a tournament or online.

What Are the Benefits of Using a FightStick?

  • Precise control: Mad Catz arcade sticks use premium buttons and joysticks, which means you get the tactile feedback that you need in order to execute combos and special attacks. The joysticks allow for a precise feel so you can dodge, counter, and react to the tide of the fight accordingly. The plungers and buttons all have that tactile arcade feel so you feel every button press, thereby reducing errors in performing the moves you practiced. 
  • Durability: These Tournament Edition fight sticks are hard-wearing accessories and reliable tools for years of fighting. The gloss coated faceplates allow for both aesthetics and protection. The coating prevents corrosion from sweat and dirt and is easy to clean without leaving smudges. These controllers also feature padded bottoms for use on your lap and doubles as rubber feet so they don't move around on a table top.
  • Portability: These arcade sticks are portable gaming tools because of their lightness, compact form factor, and other features. The Tournament Edition 2+ version has two metal posts where you can attach a sling for easy transport on the tournament floor. It also has interior compartments for tools, mods, and cables so they're always at the ready.

What Are Key Features of a Mad Catz FightStick?

  • Versatility: FightSticks are geared toward games in the fighting genre but are also ideal for other arcade games. Some sticks have three-way buttons that allow the joystick to function and the left or right analog stick or the D-Pad to make it a viable controller for platformers, bullet-hell games, and more.
  • Maintainability: Premium FightSticks often have an easy-access feature that allows you to see the internal workings of the controller. This lets you fix the device easily by simply ordering replacement parts or repairing broken wire connections should those problems occur.
  • Customizability: Customization is a strong point in many controllers that use Sanwa buttons and joysticks. These are swappable components that really let you turn the controller into a personalized tool for facing tough opponents. The Sanwa joystick knob can be swapped out with a ball-top or bat-top knob depending on your preference with clear, colored, and metallic options. The plungers can also be swapped, color-coded, and customized according to the theme you want your FightStick to take.

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