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Lulu Guinness Women's Handbags and Purses

With purses available in every color, shape, and size, each person is sure to find their match when looking for a Lulu Guinness handbag. From traditional designs to relaxed hobo totes to backpacks, there is something for everyone. When trying to figure out which one is the right addition for you, there are a few important things to consider.

What is the difference between the various types of styles?

Because there are so many varieties of bags from Lulu Guinness, it can be difficult to narrow down which one is the right investment for you. In part, deciding on the right product hinges on knowing how each design differs from the other. Knowing this will allow you to narrow your search and pick the right Lulu for yourself.

  • Clutch bag - This style is smaller in size and does not have a strap. It is generally petite enough that it is carried by hand.
  • Crossbody - These bags typically have longer straps. This is so that the wearer can throw it over one side of the head so that the bag rests on the opposite hip. Crossbody means the strap rests across your body.
  • Evening bag - This bag's luxurious style is smaller in size. They are also usually ornamented in some way to make them a better fit for formal types of events.
  • Hobo - This shoulder bag is made of a flexible or soft type of fabric. Its relaxed design quality and curvature between the two ends of the strap are a tell for this product.
  • Shoulder bag - Generally adorned with shorter straps, this bag is meant to be slung simply over a shoulder. This is the form that traditional bags usually fall under.
  • Tote - These purses are larger in size and can accommodate things like books, laptops, etc.
What materials are the bags made of?

Lulu Guinness designs come in an extensive variety of materials. They include vinyl, canvas, faux leather, cotton, nylon, leather, and suede. The more retro designs are typically made of vinyl, while articles like hobo bags are typically made of cotton, suede, or leather. What the item is made of depends entirely on the design you choose.

Can the straps be adjusted?

They only products that have adjustable straps are crossbody bags, and on occasion, hobos. Some products, like the clutch, don't have straps to begin with. If that is an important attribute for your purse to have, be sure that it has straps pre-integrated.

What colors are available?

The sky is the limit as for as color schemes go. While Lulu has unique patterned and designed bags, such as a lip-shaped clutch or a record-shaped tote, they also provide conventional options. They have solid tones, hombre, patchwork, and other designs. This variety helps to ensure that each person will find just the right bag.

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