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Logitech 5.1 System Computer Speakers

Looking for 5.1 Speaker Systems

A 5.1 home theater system gives you the benefit of surround sound from all of your electronic devices through to one set of speakers. You can connect your computer, television, stereo, DVD player, Blu-ray player, and any other entertainment devices to output through quality speakers that surround you in your environment to make the most of audio sound effects.

What Are 5.1 System Computer Speakers?

The numbers on speakers on surround sound systems relate to the number of channels they aim to receive. Standard stereo and speaker systems are usually either 2.0 or 2.1 channels. A 5.1 channel speaker system can receive five full range frequencies and one subwoofer. The sound separates into five different speakers, and a subwoofer, a total of six channels. 

  • The five channels or speakers separate different sounds or noises.
  • Subwoofers add bass to sound effects in movies, games, and music. These can be down-firing or front-firing. 
  • The peak output amplification of speakers measures in watts or Root Mean Square (RMS).

How Do I Position Speakers to Make the Most of Surround Sound?

How you position speakers will depend on the type of media and audio you are listening to, and the size of your room. If the audio content you are listening to records in Digital, Dolby, or DTS format, it is usually coded to transmit to speakers in the same direction you visually see effects on your TV screen or computer monitor. Speakers can be floor or wall-mountable. The basics of how to achieve room-filling sound with a 5.1 speaker system are: 

  • Center speaker: The center speaker is usually or main dialogue, vocals, and sounds. This usually positions front and center of your room. 
  • Left and Right Speakers: These speakers give the spatial direction. For example, if you have someone speaking or a sound effect on the left-hand side of your screen, it will code to the speaker on the left. 
  • Front and Rear: To get the full effects of surround audio, position speakers both in front and behind you. 
  • Subwoofers: Placing the speaker with the subwoofer against a wall can help with getting the maximum boom in your room, and feeling the base reverberate.

What Features Does This Brand Offer?

Logitech released various models of 5.1 speaker systems within their range of electronic products. Current 5.1 speaker system models include the Z506 and Z906. 

  • The Z506 uses your computers sound card to get better effects than your standard PC speakers.
  • The Z906 gives you the full home theater experience for all your audio content.
  • Other accessories include cables, headphones, wireless remote controls.

Please see the manufacturers website for full specifications and information on individual models. 

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